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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Littlest Star


Natty bug had her first dance recital.  It’s just a small audience comprised of her class’ families, but we had a feeling she wouldn’t take kindly to it.  I wouldn’t say she is shy so much as reserved…and she HATES being the center of attention!  As soon as Em arrived, Natty knew there was something different.


She was crying before she went back and crying when she came out.


It was heartbreaking really.  Part way through though, she stopped crying and just stood still.  She didn’t run out to her mama or make a big scene.  She just stood there while her friends danced.  She learned that she’s okay, and that she can be brave even when something feels scary. 


She didn’t dance, but she gave a life performance.  Fake it till you make it, you can do this, being out of your comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. 


We gushed over her when she was done.  Lots of “Good Job’s” and “We’re so proud of you’s”.  We weren’t kidding either.  When they did “If Your Sad And You Know It…” she was the obvious best.  She killed it.  Our little star.


Nat’s teacher Miss Allison


Being together for Natty’s recital gave us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the many months of birthdays we’d missed.  Between the kids schedules, a surgery for my mom, and some health issues for Grandma, we just hadn’t had a weekend to do it.  We broke down and celebrated without Grandma which was all sorts of sad.  She is doing okay, but making the two hour trip is just too much right now.  She knows this and we do too.  We decided it wasn’t fair to keep the kids waiting for the birthday gifts(although not one of them had asked about it).  Traditionally we celebrate the birthdays that fall within the same month.  Even traditions need to be flexible sometimes though, and this year is one of those times!  We celebrated Livy, Lexi, and my mom and dad for March, Natalie and Kaitlyn for April, and Mark and I looking ahead to July.  Seems silly, but it’s done and it worked out just fine!


Em and I debated about Kaitlyn’s gift.  Em thought she might like one of the mermaid tails that are so popular right now.  When I looked into it I found that they’re not cheap(not super expensive either, but not something you buy on a whim).  Kaitlyn had never asked for one or expressed any interest in one.  She tried a friend’s once though, and Emily thought she loved it.  After much debate I decided to go in with Grandma Jackie and get it.  This all took place in April closer to her actual birthday.  When we went out to dinner on the actual day, she opened her presents from her mom and dad.  After she said, “I was hoping I’d get a mermaid tail”!  Emily said, “Honey you never mentioned that.  Those are pretty expensive.  Maybe you could ask Santa?”  So, you can imagine my excitement knowing I had it at home!  When she finally got to open it, she had no idea!


She obviously loved it! (For the record, Grandma Jackie thinks this is a terrible idea.  “Who would bind a child’s legs together in a pool?  I guess I’ll trust you though(insert 91 yr old sarcasm)” )


Lexi and Livy only wanted money this year to do their own shopping.  My mom sent them each a check in March, so we weren’t behind on any gifts for them!


Big girl was even home to join us!  My mom got a Pandora charm and some decorations for their new porch, and I believe we gave my dad an Amazon gift card(his favorite) but I can’t for life of me remember.  Luckily it’s completely insignificant in the telling of this story. 


Natalie got the usual assortment of toys and clothes that also are insignificant.  The important point being she opened gifts:)


What started as a day of great anxiety and discomfort for Nat, ended with what she loves most.  Playing on Nenni’s park(which is her name for our swingset) and hanging with her cousins and siblings.  Here she’s a star just by being our baby, no dance moves required!


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