"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

The kids were off of school the Friday before Memorial Day.  Emily went to Kalamazoo to take Grandma to a doctors appointment, so I had the kids.  It was a beautiful day, so we went for ice cream and to the park.



Someone wrote on the bottom of Lexi’s swing “I love you more”. I die.


Just by chance Sof’s buddy Allie was there with her mom and brother, and one of my friends from work was there with her daughter.  It turned into a fun time for moms and kids!


Later that afternoon I took Livy out to dinner and to her first dance recital of the weekend.  I was watching that night, so Mark was home with the kids.  When I got home Sof ran to tell me she had lost a tooth!  Not only had she lost her tooth, she LOST THE tooth!  We had to scribble a late night note to the tooth fairy, letting her know that she had figuratively and literally LOST a tooth.  Of course she came anyway and left a gold dollar.


The next day was the last recital that all our family comes too.  It was another great year and great show.  Adrienne had a speaking part that opened the show, and proved her ability to command an audience!


We had our usual get together at our house.  A fun night of food, friends, family and games.


My shirt matched Sof’s dress.  I had no idea until we put it on!


The next day Adrienne and I went to a party for the graduating seniors at dance.  This is the group that has driven together for years, even sometimes after most of them had their licenses!  I can’t believe fast these kids grow up!


Later I met Mark at our neighbor friend’s family cottage.  Sof and Allie were in full on cottage ragamuffin mode!


The next morning was the Memorial Day parade.  For years I’ve said that the moment Adrienne can drive I will NOT come to this event!  It’s a little hard to stay home though when everyone else is going, your younger kids want to go, and it’s another chance to see your big kid dance.  So I dressed us all in red, white, and blue and off we went.  I must admit I had a good time.



Em and I showed up in the same pants, which happens often since we shop at the same places!


We ended the weekend with a trip to Home Depot.  The girls had been begging Mark for a garden.  He finally agreed to get a planter and a few seeds.  They were over the moon, and picked out several varieties.


The result was a little suburban garden that the girls are in love with!

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