"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, July 4, 2015



May turned out to be a beautiful month.  Nice cool mornings and evenings, but bright warm afternoons. 


We went to the park one night, and Sof asked Mark for an underdog. He gave her everything from an undermouse to an underelephant, and she thought this was wildly funny.


School mornings went on like usual.


Sof went through a phase of writing in her diary, but instead of keeping it secret she wrote notes to her teacher:)



I really love the comradery of the bus stop. The kids all running around before the bus comes, and the parents standing around with coffee chatting after they leave.  It’s really the highlight of my mornings home.  I will miss this ritual over the summer.



We started working on independence because making your own breakfast in the summer is a requirement!


We had our last visit from Buster Bear.  We will miss Buster next year in first grade, but it will always be a special part of her Kindergarten memories.




The nice weather just makes you want to get out.  I decided to take the girls to run some errands and out to dinner.  Mark met us for dinner and Lexi decided to ride home with him.  Sof and I got our first ice cream of the year.


We hang out with our neighbors quite often, and Sof loves their dog Dugan.  Dugan looks a little like he’s saying “help” here. 


Adrienne helped with an evening dance party at the studio.  It was a Motown themed night of fun for the kids!


Another year of dance winding down:(



For Mother’s day the girls made me breakfast.  Then we went out to a movie and dinner.


Sof had a field trip to the farm on an absolutely perfect day!


Before visiting the farm, each of the kids had to research and write about one farm animal.  Sof chose the pig, so she got to take a picture with one!


Later that night we went to the spring carnival at her school.


Recital season started for Livy and Adrienne.


One of my colleagues was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, so we went out to support and celebrate her before her surgery.  She came through fine and is on her way to a full recovery:)


Sof’s little friend down the street had a roller skating birthday party. Sof had never been roller skating before, and I was so thankful for her persevering personality.  She kept falling and getting back up.  By the end she was skating like a pro and loving it!  All the other mom’s immediately got skates to help their kids.  I did not need to go out there for Sof, she could figure it out for herself. But eventually, it just looked like too much fun so I joined them!  


I had my last volunteer day in Sof’s class.  It was a great joy to get to know her classmates.


The kids got to vote on their favorite cooking project, and that’s what they made for their last center day.  It was an easy decision for them, Monster Toast!  It was their first cooking recipe, and now their last too!


That afternoon she had a farm concert featuring songs they’ve been working on during music.  Too cute.


Afterwards we went back to the classroom to see the kid’s reports and have some cookies.


Sof and her buddy Mallory:)


The next day was field day.  I had taken the day before off of work for all the festivities, so I couldn’t take another day.


I wasn’t able to volunteer, but they did invite parents to have lunch with their kids, and luckily it worked out that I could!


My good friend Beth retired this year, along with several other teachers from Twin Beach.  Even though we are all scattered at different schools now, we still came together to celebrate these wonderful ladies! 


Dance Dynamics held their annual golf outing.  Brian, Harv, Rick and Mark golfed and were doing great until a sheet of water started pouring down on them!


Sof had a swim and gym party for one of her cheer friends.


Adrienne asked her long time friend to a dance at school.  Of course he said yes!


She also went to a Taylor Swift concert!


It was a really busy month, and I haven’t even included Memorial day! 

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