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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grand Haven

As soon we heard about the Russian Adoption Reunion Cruise, we knew it would interfere with our Grand Haven trip.  But, it’s a chance to connect with other families and children that have Sof’s same story, and that I think that is important.  So, Sof and I will be leaving for Florida tomorrow for a few days on land with Sally and Ava doing everything Disney.  Then we will board a cruise for week with other families made through Russian Adoption.  The big girls and Mark will also be going down to Florida for their own little get away!  So, although we couldn’t fully do Grand Haven, we were able to squeeze in a few days before we leave!

We arrived Sunday and wasted no time!  Dinner at the house and ice cream downtown.



These two stinkers got tired of the “In a minute” answer that followed all their “When are we getting ice cream” pleas.

IMG_0217IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_0221 When we did finally leave, it was a beautiful cool night for a walk.  Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik joined us with Emmerson.  This structure is a favorite “play” stop.


There are 3 ice cream shops in Grand Haven, and with our group we end up hitting all 3.  Everyone has their own preferences…soft serve, hard serve, and of course all the kids pick the do your own toppings option.


Our first morning there was terribly rainy and stormy.  We thought Grandma was going to come out for the day, so I got up early and went for a Starbucks and Great Harvest run so it would be there when she got there.  Once my dad arrived at her place though, he decided to reverse some of his plans, go to work, and bring her the next day when it cleared up.  So, the rest of us had a lazy morning of sipping our coffee and chatting.  The middle girls slowly started to emerge when the clock said it was more like lunchtime.  I told Kaitlyn if she wanted her monkey bread for “breakfast” when it was really “lunch” time, she had to do 20 push ups!  She dropped and gave ‘em to me!


Monkey bread is a coveted Grand Haven breakfast, and they’ll do anything for it!

It ended up clearing, and we walked downtown for a little. 


By afternoon it seemed warm enough to brave the beach for a couple hours.  We wouldn’t normally have bothered, but with our short stay we thought we better try!  We had a nice time even though it was cool and the water was a balmy 56 degrees!  The kids practiced their tricks at first.


After a while they couldn’t stand it, and they had to just try the water.


It was only a matter time though, before no matter how cold they couldn’t resist getting in!


Once the clouds parted, it really ended up being pretty nice.



That night We had a little birthday celebration for Mark and I because Em had brought gifts. 


The next day Mark left and took Lexi to cheer, and Steve brought her back.  Rotating husbands!  Poor Livy was lost without having Lexi!  Even Kaitlyn was gone spending the night at the camper with Emmerson!  Sof loved the chance for Livy’s attention though!


Grandma Linda took the littles for some shopping time.


Grandma Jackie got there and we chatted a little and had some lunch.  It was quite cool, but a great day to take her downtown for some shopping.  Adrienne and I need a picture to take to Sri Lanka, so we took advantage of the nice background to take a couple.


All the while Grandma Jackie sat next to us sipping her vanilla latte, and we DIDN’T TAKE ONE PICTURE!!!  We are failures.  Instead, here is a shitty picture of her telling stories on the front porch.  Still endearing, but not 92 downtown having coffee endearing.


We had Chinese for dinner(which natty ended up having a reaction to, hives all over her arms), and then the whole Klimek clan came over!  I also sucked at the picture taking that night too.  Luckily Uncle Erik captured a couple while we were singing to Emmerson since her bday is coming up!  We put a candle app on my phone because we had no candles!

IMG_0334IMG_0335IMG_0336 Grandma Jackie stayed until almost 9:30!  She gets lots of love when she goes.  Lexi got a new sweatshirt and she picked Grandma’s favorite color!


We couldn’t leave this morning without one last bread run.  I got a little extra lovin’ from Nat.  I guess I should go away moreWinking smile



I didn’t have make up on yet, so it was a real dilemma whether to post!  I think a nice filter will help a bit:)

Sof was sad to leave, but I assured her when she arrived in Disney she would soon forget she wasn’t in Grand Haven!  Lexi stayed with Em, so I won’t see her until we reunite in Florida in about 10 days.  She’s having fun, and she doesn’t need to be home for anything.  She’s old enough to come home and pack for her trip without me, and Livy would would just be miserable without her!  These two have really gotten used to their freedom in familiar Grand Haven!


So, the first of 3 great summer get aways is over!  On to number 2!

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