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Friday, November 1, 2013

Activities this Month

Lexi ran 2 cross country meets this month.  I guess it was really last month, because OMG it’s actually November today!  She did well, but I don’t think it’s her “thing”.  They only run 1 mile in sixth grade, and Lexi finished her first meet with a time of 8.18. 

PA093847 In true Culley fashion she wore this big red flower in her hair.  I can say for sure she was the only one out there with accessories!  It made it easier to spot her though!


These kids definitely don’t know how to pace themselves.  The start of the race sounded like a horse race!  They shot out like it was a 100 meter dash!  Lexi learned her lesson though, because the race left her feeling not so hot.


The next race she was careful to pace herself better.  Slow start, and kicked it in at the end.  Her time was 9.25, but I think she was holding back a little!




The last meet fell on the same night and time as the musical try outs, so we skipped it!  I’m glad she tried it, but I think cheerleading and the musical are more her calling!

Sof had her viewing week at dance.  She is definitely the youngest in her classes and the one that needs the most help!  She really watches the others though and is picking up fast.


See Kaitlyn in the back?  She is the opposite of Sof, on the older end and doing awesome!  I love that they’re together!


Getting help from Miss Alison.  The tongue looks like she’s concentrating:)




Next up was ballet.  Sof actually loves ballet!  I thought she would prefer the more fast paced classes, but she does nothing but ballet at home!







I love watching my girls activities!  So proud of them!

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