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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween seemed to creep up on us.  Luckily the kid’s costumes didn’t need a whole lot of preparation:)  Lexi decided to go as a movie star, which only required us going in the basement and digging out an old fancy Christmas dress.  Sof wore an old dance costume to be Belle.  We did have to get a few accessories, but pretty easy!

PA263904  PA263911

Our first event was the subdivision party.  Cider, donuts, and games in the clubhouse.


That quickly lost it’s charm and Lexi headed home while Sof enjoyed the playground.


We carved pumpkins on the 30th.  Like I said, it creeped up on us!  It was a beautiful day, like seriously perfect weather. 


Lexi dug right in.  A seasoned pumpkin carving professional.


Sof was not so sure about the gooey stuff.  She prefers to hire help(aka daddy) for the dirty jobs. 

PA303919After the pumpkin was clean, she instructed him on how to cut the face.  Then she ran off to play. 


Lexi had a certain vision for her pumpkin too.  She spent quite awhile working on it, but when it was done it didn’t live up to her expectations.  She was having a fit about it, and Mark asked her what she wanted to do.  She said throw it away.  So that’s how the pumpkin carving ended.


Note to self: Pumpkin carving is overrated.

Adrienne was at dance, but we gutted her pumpkin for her.  She came home the next day and made the coolest pumpkin!  At least we had one win!


Sof had a little party at her school.  She got to pass out goodie bags, which she loved doing!  I was so glad I took the time to let her make them!


Unlike the day before, it was awful weather for trick-or-treating!  Cold, windy, and rainy!  Kids don’t care about weather when they are getting candy though.  Lexi went with our neighbor friend Rachel.  They begrudgingly let me snap one(bad) picture before they were off and running!


Adrienne stayed home and handed out candy, so both Mark and I were able to take Sof. 

IMG_6807 - Copy

IMG_6808 - Copy

She figured out pretty fast that the quicker you go, the more candy you get.  Every house we went to seemed to know her!  Sof talks to everyone that walks by our house, especially if they have a dog.  She greeted each dog by name and chatted with the owners.  Mark and I just stood back and laughed.  Maybe she needs to apply for subdivision president?  

We finished early enough to make a surprise trick-or-treat visit at Aunt Anne and Uncle Rick’s.  We went in to visit a moment, and I finally had to cut Sof off the candy.  Once I told her no more, she offered Uncle Rick(a fellow chocoholic) her big bag of M&M’s.  He said no, but she insisted. Pretty soon she was on his lap and he was sharing. 

IMG_6811 - Copy     

She’s not stupid, that’s for sure!  She smells weakness, and she will get your chocolate!  Uncle Rick is a total softie!  

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