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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sof’s Actual B-Day

We’ve had illness swarming around our house last month, so Sof’s actual birthday was pretty low key.  Luckily our new 5 year old is easy to please.


When I put her to bed on the last night as a 4 year old, we talked about what she might want to take to school for her birthday treat.  She liked the idea of cider and donuts(so did I, easy peasy!).  So before school we made a stop at the cider mill.



It was a big hit with her school friends, and the teachers!  Who doesn’t love fresh donuts and cider?

After school we came home and had a quiet dinner and evening.  Sof asked for a turkey sandwich for her birthday dinner, which I happily obliged(again, easy peasy!).


She opened her gifts from us.  She’s hard to buy for, but the Play Doh ice cream shop was a big hit(and mess).



Her favorite part is blowing out candles.  Her two favorite things are sugar and attention, so singing happy birthday and having dessert are right up her ally!


The next night was Friday.  Em and I decided to take the girls out to dinner and to paint pottery.  We ordered dessert for Sof’s birthday, and she really thought the whole restaurant was there for her birthday party.  They happened to be having a costume party there later that night, so there were balloons all over.  She pointed to them and said, “Look mom, they even got balloons for my party!”.  LOL.



After dinner we went to paint pottery.  It’s something every age can enjoy!  We can’t wait to see our creations fired and done!


Sof chose a unicorn.  She had fun painting it a million colors, and then the lady showed her how to make the eyes.



She watched her closely, and then she did the other eye all by herself! 


Lexi picked a three eye monster, and used some cool spotted paint.


Adrienne made a mug with grumpy morning eyes.  It turned out awesome, and I can’t wait to get it back!


Livy and Kaitlyn both chose little treasure boxes.  Livy had a very specific vision for hers, and she really worked hard on it!



It ended up being a really fun girls night out, and the fact that Sof thought it was her birthday party was even better! 

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