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Monday, November 18, 2013

It Happened In October

Obviously I’m behind in blogging.  I’m trying to catch up though, so you have to bear with me!  In an attempt to post a lot of cute pictures that have nothing to do with each other, I’m affectionately calling this “It Happened In October”.  Because they did.  And you shouldn’t start a sentence with because.  Or and.  Or and isn’t even a sentence.  I did not take a writing or grammar class in October.  No siree, you will not find a pic of that in this post.

We did however, visit the cider mill.  We met the cousins there on a chilly afternoon, and actually had quite a nice time.  Lots of fun stuff to do there!







Sof found a piece of brown paper and insisted we make a pirate’s map(so we can go on an adventure).



Sof started having homework, and she loves it!


She also had a pajama day, which made me realize we have no public appropriate pajamas.  Off to Target I went!


One morning we made a family trip to the grocery store.  Lexi by chance brought her DVD player in the car.  She brought it in and I set her and Sof down at a table with a couple donuts while mark and I shopped.  It ended up being a very fun and productive morning! 


Last but not least, we had our non-bowling group dinner!  Unfortunately, Mark was sick and I had to go on my own:(  I had to take a pic because Kelly put on such a beautiful table!


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