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Sunday, September 1, 2013

People and Places

This summer we had the opportunity to see a lot of our friends we don’t normally get to spend time with.  Like Alan and Jane from England.


We went over to Mike and Alison’s house for dinner and visiting with them.




The kids were great entertaining themselves by watching TV and playing with Zeke.


The next day Alison called me and said, “Okay, which one of your kids hid my TV remote?”  I quizzed Lexi and Sof, and neither had a clue.  3 days later I found it in one of Sof’s backpacks.  Clepto.  They agreed not to press charges based on the fact that they did get it back, even though the culprit showed no remorse. 


We also celebrated Harv’s 70th birthday, which doesn’t seem possible! 


It was our first time visiting their new condo.  It’s a great place with a little river through the back you can fish in!  Sof LOVED that!


We were ever so grateful to Cousin Tom who helped her all afternoon!  The other girls enjoyed catching up with the Johnson kids, and by “catching up” I mean looking at their electronic devices while sitting near each other.


Natty just cared about the cake:)


These two make a cute couple, but I could never let them get married.  I fear Alexander will have too dangerous of a career.  His early talents indicate he will be in the X-games or be a stunt double.


Lexi’s sweet friend Maya moved to Texas last year.  They came for a visit and we were lucky enough to get her at our house for 2 days!



Our favorite Broadway boy Iain was home for a week also.  We were able to have lunch with him. 


We had our family up for a BBQ and to see the new house.  It was a beautiful day and the kids swam all afternoon while the ladies sat and chatted.


We had a great dinner and some time to hang out before the K-zoo crowd had to leave. 


Grandma is always very popular:)



The kids finished out the night in the driveway with the other neighborhood kids, and when it was finally dark they moved inside for a little dancing!



Later in the summer our friends Rick and Tracey and their 2 kids came for a visit.  We had a get together for them to see some of their local friends.


Ironically, Anne’s niece MaryEllen was also in town from California!


The next day we went to the zoo with them.  We waited a fair amount of time to see the polar bears.  When they finally swam over it was super cool. That is until one pooped right above the tube.  The girls were thoroughly grossed out, and Grant(and the grown up male folk) thought it was absolutely the best thing they had ever seen.  Lucky for us Grant caught it on tape on his iPod and was able to play it over, and over, and over again!





We saw a lot of great people and went a lot of great places.  The beauty of summer!

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