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Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Week of School

It’s unbelievable, but I now have a high schooler! 


Not only that, but I also have a new middle schooler!


Luckily I have this girl still in preschool!


Adrienne left first, riding with Mark. 


Of course she looked effortlessly beautiful.  Typical Adrienne, she was running around the house looking in the dryer for something to wear that morning.  Who doesn’t plan that?? 

Typical Lexi, she had everything laid out and ready, and she was up an hour early. 




For the first time since I’ve been at this parenting thing, we got to walk to the bus stop with the other neighbors.  It was nice to have that neighborhood feel. Rachel and Lexi were a nice comfort for each other.  Rachel is a grade ahead of Lexi, but they get to ride the bus together!  Rachel came from out of state, so she really doesn’t know anyone!



Lori and I stayed the appropriate distance away, as to not commit social suicide in the first 30 seconds.  And then there was 1.


There was nothing left to do, but take Sof to her first “official” day of pre-K.  Which could also be known as the last first day of preschool ever for this mama.  Saddest.  Thought.  Ever. 


I then headed off to meet my TWENTY SEVEN new kindergarteners.  Yes, twenty seven.  It’s too many.  Trust me.  Especially when this little guy wants to be in your arms all day.


He speaks no English and he’s terrified.  Poor baby.  Good thing I’m a mom as well, and very adept at functioning with one hand. 

I thought about my girls all day, but mostly at lunch.  Lunchtime is the worst time of the day.  I probably would have eaten in the bathroom to avoid the whole thing!  Both girls found a table to sit at.  Lexi sat with some friends she knew from preschool who are very nice girls!  Adrienne sat at an undesirable table, but she’s calculated.  She was biding her time and deciding where she fit in.  By Friday she texted me she was at “a good lunch table”.  Phew, first week of lunch survived.

We’re finding our routine in the morning.  It’s hard to adjust to the new house, bus schedules, and different school start times.


Sof thinks it’s very cool to watch Lexi go to bus stop. 


This particular morning we got in the car and it wouldn’t start.  Still have no idea why, but Mark had to race home from work, jump it, and switch cars with me.  Second day of kindergarten the teacher is late.  Sweet. 

Adrienne decided to ride the bus Friday morning.  The idea was to see if there were any kids from the neighborhood she might be able to connect with.  Turned out there were only 8 kids total on the bus, and they were all boys.  She did however meet an “interesting” kid who wears all neon because he’s afraid the bus won’t see him and will run him over.  Ahahahahahahahha.  I’m still laughing about that.

So we all made it.  It can only get easier from here, well socially at least.  Dance starts next week and we have a whole 5 days of school.  Let the grind begin! 

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