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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

For our last weekend of the summer we decided to take a short jaunt Up North.  By “we decided” I really mean Mark decided and I begrudgingly went along.  I actually have nothing against the trip itself.  I just don’t like to travel right before school starts.  I couldn’t justify not spending that time as a family though, so I put my anxiety aside and went with it. 

Mark, Lexi, and Sof left on Wednesday with the boat.  They met up with some of the friends we knew that were camping.  Adrienne and I rode up on Thursday after work with the lady half of our friends:)  The guys(and kids) spent Thursday boating.  It happened to be a beautiful, clear, and non-windy day!  They were able to ride all the way to the Mackinac Bridge.  It’s something that not many people get to do.  All the conditions have to be right.




When Adrienne and I arrived we hung at the campfire for awhile.


The next day we woke up to rain.  We were determined to get to Mackinac Island though, so we set out anyway.  First thing that went right is we found a Starbucks:)


By the time we got on the ferry it was overcast, but not raining!



We did some shopping first on Main Street, and had some lunch.




Then we checked out some of the more historical sights on the island.


It’s a beaver. And Mark’s sunglasses.  Hey little guuuuyy…nevermind, you had be there.


By the time we were walking this hellacious hill to the fort, it had of course gotten sunny and hot.






Lexi and Sof bought these dog Webkinz for $5 in one of the shops.  A great bargain purchase!  They wore them on their backs all day!


The ferry ride home home brought an interesting passenger.


Despite the declining weather(responsible for us leaving early and not going to the Grand Hotel), Adrienne decided going up to top of the ferry was her YOLO moment.  Of course daddy went with her!


We got back to the hotel and enjoyed the indoor pool.


The next day we spent the day on the lake.  The kids tubed all afternoon, and Sof and I enjoyed the ride.



Adrienne and Andrew were all about the wild ride, and had a little competition going to see who could stay on longer.  Andrew definitely lost(thanks to Mark’s driving).  Girl power.



That night was Hobo pie night at the campground.  It’s quite a production.  The kids all had a job, and executed it very well!



We headed home the next day to regroup and get ready for school. I was super happy we made it home in time for me to make Izabella’s 18th birthday dinner.  She just moved into her dorm at U of M, and I’m so proud of her.



We had to go the mall Monday, because my big girls claimed they had nothing to wear.  Poor deprived babies.  I will admit that the deals were amazing, I bought way more than I planned, and I was happy about it!

We also indulged Sof with two of her favorite things.  First, swimming.  The pool closes after Labor Day, so we couldn’t deny her one last swim.  Second, her new obsession is riding bikes.  Mark hooked up the one wheeled bike to his, and she’s obsessed! 



And then it was time to pack bags, lunches, and do nails.  UGH.  Back to school post coming soon…

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