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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big City With Big Girl

Best. Weekend. Ever. 


Last weekend Adrienne and I packed our bags and headed east to the big apple.  We had been looking forward to this trip and it did not disappoint.  It was 48 hours of pure fun and enjoyment.

4We got to the hotel around 2:30 and dropped our stuff in the room.  We immediately headed out to explore our surroundings. 



Our first job was to find the Nederlander Theater where Newsies is playing.  It was where we would go for a once in a lifetime night that evening. 

43  We found it quick and decided to eat an early dinner before the show.  We decided on Hard Rock Café for a fun environment.


After our meal it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready for our big night.  The purpose of our trip was to see Adrienne’s friend Iain from dance.  He graduated in June and now plays “Henry” in the Broadway Musical Newsies!  Ironically, another graduate from our studio, Ryan Steele, is also in the show.  We were a little excited to say the least…


We picked up our tickets at will call and waited for the doors to open.


We found our seats and reveled at the fun of not only knowing 2 of the people in the playbill, but knowing one well enough to be texting with him while he was backstage! 


When the curtain finally came up and the stage lights revealed Iain front and center, I shed a little tear.  I just thought of his Mama who gave up so much to to get him there.  How many times must she have questioned herself as her son walked the unconventional path that led him to that stage.  It paid off, because there he was on a Broadway stage, singing, dancing, and acting.  We couldn’t have been more proud sitting in the audience.


We sent this picture to his mama at intermission:)

By the way, it’s an awesome show even if you don’t know anyone in it!  Afterwards we waited in the lobby for Iain to come out.


It’s safe to say he was just as happy to have us there, as we were to be there.  He took us on a backstage tour.

51  47


We got to go on the actual stage!

After the tour we made plans to go for coffee.  Iain said he had to go through the “autograph” line, and then he would meet us in the lobby.  We didn’t think much of it, and we proceeded to hang out in the lobby and take pictures of ourselves!


After a few minutes we decided to step outside.  We weren’t prepared for the mob of girls screaming to get autographs.  Ryan is kind of like the Justin Bieber of Broadway.


Adrienne was not going to fight the crowd to see a kid she’s known since 4th grade, but I wanted a picture of them.  So, I played psycho mom pushing my way through the crowd screaming, “Hey Ryan, remember us?”  I got my picture…


Once Iain was done with the fan club we headed to Starbucks to catch up.  Actually, the poor boy must have felt like he was being grilled.  I must have asked him a million questions! 


He gave Adrienne a signed Playbill, which is a big deal.  For the record his mom hasn’t even gotten one!


It was such a wonderful night!  We got back to our hotel after 12:30!  The next morning we woke to a beautiful day.


First up is always Starbucks.


Then a full day of shopping and exploring!

9  10

We found a yummy little deli for lunch.  I love this food!


Adrienne had to have a picture in front of Radio City music Hall!


We had a full day shopping before be heading back to our hotel to get ready for awesome night #2.


Our second night we were able to meet up with some dance friends and their mom’s who just happen to be in the city working a dance job.  We started with a fabulous Italian dinner at Amerone.




Adrienne and Seth still dance together, and Katie graduated last year.  It was so great we were able to meet up!  After dinner it was off to Wicked!!!



OMGosh, this show was amazing.  I’ve seen the touring production in Detroit, but seeing it on Broadway is even more fabulous! 



I didn’t want it to end!  On the way out they have some warnings for you…




We planned on hailing a cab since we were about 8 blocks away and wearing heals and skirts, but we were having trouble finding an empty one so we decided to walk up to the corner.


Once we got to the corner, we couldn’t resist taking advantage of the last few hours of our trip.  We ended up in Forever 21 at 10:40 on Sunday night.


It was packed in there!  I guess it really is the city that never sleeps.  When we got back to the hotel I didn’t even take off my coat.  I plopped down in the chair and started flipping through the pictures on my phone, reliving the awesome 2 days.


Sadly, reality really was straight ahead.  The next morning we packed our bags and headed back to airport:( 


It was such a great weekend, and I hope we get to go back! 

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