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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bad Pics, Bad Blogger

Long story short, my camera is broken.  I have to send it to the company to get it fixed, so for the next few weeks I have only phone pics to share.  While I’m proclaiming weaknesses, let me just put it out there that I’m having a hard time keeping up with my blogging.  Apparently I’m too busy living this life to write about it.  With that said, here is my “what we’ve been up to” in phone pics.

You’ll notice a recurring theme.  Sof in her dance outfit; day, night, and everything in between.

26 This looks as though it’s nighttime, but it’s not.  It’s about 6:30 in the morning, and before she comes downstairs she takes off her pajamas and changes into a dance outfit.  Of course this was prior to when she started sleeping in the leotard.  It was also prior to her declaration that ballerinas only wear tutus on the big stage, not for practice.


I’ve noticed Sof’s fine motor skills don’t seem to be up to where I think they should be.  She seems to be a quick learner, she’s known all her upper and lower case letters for a year now, can one to one count to 13, and has good comprehension of books.  When she sits down to draw though, she still makes unrecognizable scribbles.  She can write her name and draw a person if you prompt her, but left to her own devices she scribbles.  So, we’ve been working on drawing and coloring lately.  With prompts she’s coming along!




The bonus is I get to color with her instead of having to play some other dreadful game.  I much prefer coloring to any other activity!


Sof’s obsession with ballerinas comes from the fact that she is going to be in a ballet show this weekend.  It’s called “Alice in Dreamland” and Adrienne is going to be the white rabbit.  I usually dread the ballet shows, but Adrienne is on stage the entire time, and gets to sing, act, and dance on pointe.  She had to paint her pointe shoes white for her costume…huge pain in the butt!!!

48 Five out of the six cousins will be in the show.  It’s so cute.  After the first rehearsal Livy said, “Adrienne was beautiful.  She’s like a real ballerina!”.  Lexi added, “Yeah, I didn’t think she was THAT good!”. 

41The girls were showing us their parts.  Livy and Lexi are in the same group.

45Adrienne helped Kaitlyn.  I love how she’s looking up at her!   

42  43


To wrap up this portion of the post, a picture of Sof coloring waiting for Adrienne to dance at the spaghetti dinner.  Gotta give me props for pulling it all together like that!


We’ve spent a fair amount of time at Target.  I’m gettin' my Valentine’s on.

60  61

Poor kid was sick, but who doesn’t feel better after a trip to Target?



I got the Valentine’s decorations out, and unpacked the kids mailboxes.  Last year’s cards were still in them, and Sof was engrossed looking at them!


In her leotard of course.


In other random events…we had a snow day.  Which has nothing to do with this picture except it was the morning of the snow day, and gives clear proof that big kids should go to school every day because they don’t know what to do with themselves otherwise.


Lexi had a lunch out with her Girl Scout troop.  They had to figure out their tax and pay their bill.  It took awhile to get through everybody, but it was a great lesson for the girls!

69 70


We ate a couple dinners out.  Hibachi is the one thing the whole family can agree on.


A Russian with chopsticks.


If you want to have adult conversation, but have to bring the little one, also bring the headphones.


The daddy way of…


watching the kid(with his eyes closed)…


reading bedtime stories(videos).

This is how Adrienne goes to dance everyday.  Dance bag on her back, school bag on her front, and random other bags in her hands.


This week is full of the usual drive to dance, drive home, drive back to dance, drive home.  I can’t wait to see all the girlies shine on stage this weekend though!  I’m borrowing my friend’s camera for the event, so there may even be some real pictures from it!


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