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Monday, February 11, 2013

Alice In Dreamland

This weekend was the much anticipated ballet show that the girls have been practicing for.  Five of the six cousins were in it, and Adrienne had a main role.  Who knew my girl was born to be a bunny?   

IMG_6679  IMG_5465

Adrienne is a beautiful dancer, and I love to see her on pointe, but her her real talent is her acting!  She’s always funny, stays in character, and brings sass to the stage! 



The other girls all had parts as flowers or tea party girls.  Lexi and Livy were both in the same group, and they make pretty ballerinas!


Kaitlyn was in the tea party scene and had to do quite a bit of acting.  She can be our shy girl, so we were super proud of her!  Miss Dori told her she was the best actress in her group! 


Sof has been obsessed with being on the big stage again!  She got out there, spotted us, and started waving!  She was very interested in what the other characters were doing on stage, and she followed along with the moves pretty well!


After the show we had to wait quite a long time for Adrienne to come out. 




When I put Sof up on the stage to get a picture, she couldn’t resist doing a few moves!


Once everyone was done it was back to house for pizza and hang out time. 


Love having my house full of people!  Especially full of people I love:)


P2092595  P2092592

Grandma Linda brought the girls valentine gifts.  Money is always a big hit(so are the stickers I keep finding on every surface in my house).


P2092586  P2092589


Several of us are on “restricted” diets.  I’ve decided I hate my Fitpal(calorie counting App on my iPhone).  She never lets me eat anything fun.  B****.  Of course I bought the Little Debbie heart shaped cakes, for the rest of the crowd, and we all did well avoiding them until the end of the night.  Eventually we all caved and had just one.  We savored every bite…

 73  72

Oh sweet love and girls!



In other random happenings this week…Sof continues to be obsessed with her dance outfits.


The director of her day care is leaving for another job.  We loved her and will miss her!  Sof did a great job on her card though:)

83  84

For the record, Sof does NOT spend a lot of time in the office.  Just for quick hugs:)  Not for trouble yet…

82  81

Stage make-up…looks so perfect she seems fake!


We had another snow day.  Teachers love snow days.  More than kids.


Kids love donuts.  I know, they are probably on the “if you’re a horrible parent you feed your kids these” list, but I say enjoy them once in awhile while you’re a kid.  Pretty soon they’ll go straight to your hips(which is why grown ups always have to have 2, to stay even).




In March my school will play in a charity volleyball game.  We started practice last week.  I actually thought it was great fun.  Me and sport don’t really go together though.  I suggested we skip the game and have a dance off.


Happy Heart Week!

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