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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine’s Love

It’s no secret we’re a big Valentine’s family.  We decorate the house for it, dress for it, and celebrate it.  Our Valentine week started off at dance.  The studio calls it “Happy Heart Week”.  All the kids, big and little, dress in excessive red, pink, hearts, and lace! 


7  11

We spent the beginning of the week preparing.  Buying Valentines, teacher gifts, and of course trying on shoes as long as we were at Target:)


Sof made a Valentine for each of her 14 school friends.  She signed each one herself.

2  3



We were very ready when Thursday, the 14th rolled around.  I arrived home from the gym with donuts, and went to wake the girls.  I started in Lexi’s room and didn’t have to go any farther.  There was a little stowaway curled up next to her.

15No arguments about to what to wear, or getting going on this morning!

6After school, Sof was so excited to see what her friends had given her.  I couldn’t convince her to wait till we got home, she just had to see!

10 Friday was our Valentine party with the cousins.  We had to kinda rush it/pull it together at the last minute/make it happen.  Adrienne was due to her friend’s house by 8 that night for a ski trip she was joining them on.  Anne and Rick were flying out the next morning for Florida, and Mark and I were flying out the next afternoon for Vegas.  We refused to risk running out of time to do it though, so we made it a priority. 


Is that a BOY in there??  Em’s college friend Meg and her son Gabe joined us for the festivities.  So did Steve’s parent’s Marie and John, and of course Anne and Rick.  It made for a bigger crowd(the more the merrier), and we had to do the important stuff before Adrienne had to leave.  We made sure we still did cards.

19  32

We left time for a little hang out and be silly time.




We had gifts, which were over in a flurry!



29  21

Not only did I get Natty Bug a whistle, I instructed Sof to teach her how to use it(evil cackle implied).

28Before we knew it Adrienne was off and Sof was zonked.

22The other girls were settling down when they realized they hadn’t read their Valentines.  They ran for their mailboxes and found a spot to read them.



For the record, Adrienne read hers before she left.  They really look forward to that part!  Sweet girls:)

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