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Monday, January 14, 2013

Lucky 13

We’re 2 weeks into the new year, and so far it’s been mostly like the old year.  We made cookies…



We had Wendy’s for dinner…


and I spent two nights sitting on the couch with a bowl of Salted Caramel Ice Cream watching “The Biggest Loser”.


It’s safe to say I didn’t have a resolution to be healthier.  We had our last party this weekend, a staff party at my principal’s home.


4 of us 5 Kindergarten teachers!


Yep, that’s me with a microphone doing some karaoke.  So fun, but I’m afraid her neighbors may sue for emotional damages.  Made for good Monday morning lounge talk though.

With that party came a general yearning to stop all overindulgence.  Done spending money, eating, drinking, and going out.  So this week we’re trying to just take a step back, and slow down the bus.

Exciting news for 2013…we’re moving.  We signed the purchase agreement about a week ago and this hole in the ground will be our home come June.


We’re very excited, and it gives us a new focus for the next few months.  In the meantime we’ve been busy with regular life.  Adrienne had her 8th grade play.




She was cast as, what else, the dumb blonde, which is a role she plays well.  She had the audience laughing with every line.




Sof loves watching her sissy, but she really wants to be on the stage herself.  It was too much temptation for her, she had step foot on that stage!


Can I mom?


Here I go!

Next month all 3 girls will be in a ballet production.  Sof asks every week when we go to dance when she’s going on the big stage.


  21  22

She practices her dance moves at home too.


I love the hour that Sof is in dance because Lexi and I always do a little shopping.  It’s one hour a week to do something she wants.  Friday mornings are my mornings with Sof.  On the way out the door last Friday Sof asked for a drink.  I said, “Just wait and you can get something at Starbucks.”  Lexi pouted and said, “No fair”!  I told her she could go with us, and her eyes just about popped out of her head!  Skip school?  We had nice little morning coffee date, a trip to Toys R’ Us, and Lexi was still back to school before 10:30. 

6  5


Other random events include pajama day for Sof.


Mornings were killing me this week.  It was a daily fight with myself to get to the gym at 5:30.  Not Sof, she wakes up totally ready to go.


When we go to Costco she has to hold all “her” stuff.


Friday night we chilled out at Anne and Rick’s.  Joni got engaged on Christmas, so between wedding plans, moving plans, and some painting Em’s doing, we had a whole lot to talk about!  In the process of grabbing for a paint sample, a glass of wine ended up on the carpet.  You guessed it, red.  Group effort on the clean up…


This Saturday Adrienne and I fly out for New York City!  So excited!!!  We’ll be seeing Newsies on Saturday night.  Two of her former dance teammates are in it, so we’ll get a tour backstage after!  We’ll have Sunday to explore, and maybe even catch another show at night.  We’re playing that one by ear.  It should be awesome!


We’re looking forward to all 13 has in store for us!

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