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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sliding Into the New Year

With the year coming to a close it’s tempting to focus all your energy on organizing and cleaning(especially with all those new toys from Christmas).  It will all be there next week when the kids are in school though.  We have but few precious days when no one has dance, school, or work, and so we must use them for experiences. 

I’d been wrestling with my options all Sunday morning.  We finally had snow and I felt the pull to take the kids sledding.  I also felt the pull to check some things off the to-do list.  As I struggled with my options a text came through from Em.  It said, “Anyone interested in sledding later?”  With that my choice was made and a plan formed.  There were several texts back and forth…What time?  Where to meet?  Do you have bigger boots for Sof?  Do you have snow pants for Natty Bug?  It’s how we do things, on the fly.  Commit first, figure out the details as we go.  Bottom line?  It was fun.


We pulled up to Mount Everest and got our sleds and oxygen out.  Maybe it wasn’t actually a mountain, but it sure looks like it from this picture and it makes a better story. 

2  6

5  3

7  15

8  35

10  18

Sof was taking turns sledding with everybody.  In true Sof fashion though, she quickly decided she wanted to do it herself.  I held her off for awhile, but finally gave in.  Wouldn’t you know she loved it and even walked her sled up herself!

12  19

Natty Bug loves to be outside so this activity was right up her ally.  She could take or leave the sledding, but either way loved being there! 

13  21



After sledding there was the age old argument between men and women.  Men don’t want to go out to eat with six kids.  Women certainly don’t want to cook, but don’t even want to serve/clean-up take out.  For the record, women don’t really want to go out to eat with 6 kids either, but leaving them in the car in December in Michigan is illegal.  Women won.  Men sat on one end of the table, kids on the other, and women in the middle. 

22    23

The beginning went real well.


My sweet Peanut was writing all the names she knows.  Nenny…that’s me…love that girl!


The middle was just as the men expected…


Yeah, she’s psycho.  She’s the sixth, what I can say. 

The end brought secrets and a game of telephone.


Kaitlyn:  You know Elmo?

Natty: Yeah, I love that guy.


Kaitlyn:  He’s not real.

Natty:  You’re lying.


Kaitlyn:  It’s a puppet with someone’s hand up his a**.

Natty: OMG!


30  33


Everyone(even the men) left full, satisfied, and happy.  Cousin love, can’t beat it!

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