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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best New Year’s Eve Ever

The title says it all.  So. Much. Fun.  Funny thing is I was indifferent to the plans at first.  We were going to have a great dinner out and then to a “Zac Brown Band” concert.  I like grown up dinners out and I love Zac Brown, but it was going to be without my kids on NYE, and I kinda like to be with them then.  The babysitting was a pain.  We had to combine the cousins so Adrienne could watch them all.  It was a lot of finagling and back and forth, but in the end it was soooo worth it!  Once everyone was settled and the grown ups were on their way to our house, I was ready inside and out for a night on the town!    


We had a dilemma on what to wear.  Do you dress for New Year’s and dinner, or the concert?  Emily, Alison and I exchanged several texts about it.  Autocorrect provided some laughs.


Dinner was first, and OMGosh did we have fun!  Food was amazing, and the wine was okay too.




Small world, our waiter, Ken, happened to have worked at a restaurant Mark and I frequent.  We made the connection towards the end after we had harassed the poor guy the whole meal!  He was a good sport and it was great fun!



When we left I noticed a bunch of umbrellas with the restaurant name on it.  I stole one.  They may have been complimentary, I don’t know.  All I know is it went out under my coat and got crazy in the parking garage.




No more commentary needed about that…

Then it was on to the people mover and a stop at the casino(because we didn’t want to sit through all the opening acts:). 




This lady was a professional.  She sat down next to me and promptly won some ridiculous amount.  She wasn’t even phased by it.  Probably lost twice that amount the day before.


Alison wanted a piece of gum.  Of course I shared, that’s the kinda gal I am.


We finally relented and headed to the concert.  It was awesome.  So good!




I was missing my kids when it came time to actually ring in the new year.  We solved that though.  At 11:58 I put in a facetime call to Adrienne.  We couldn’t hear anything, but we were together in cyberspace when the clock struck 12.


I hope that night is indicative of the year to come because it couldn’t have been more perfect!

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