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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Week In Review

Last week was all about nothing.  Well, we never have “nothing” going on, but it was nice to get back to everyday somethings.  Like cookies and milk and books before bed.  

    P1051100       P1051110

Lexi had lots of homework.

   P1051104     P1051103


Lexi had a gymnastics mock meet this weekend.  It was at our gym and was a practice for a bigger meet we’re going to in March.  When she put on her leotard and fixed her bun, she really looked like a gymnast.  She was so excited and the whole family went to support her.  Adrienne helped her with her hair and her water bottle, which makes Lexi feel important.  Having her big sis and cousins there was a big treat!   

P1071113P1071116     P1071117

         P1071124       P1071131


P1071129  P1071130


     P1071148   P1071156

P1071159  P1071160


She’s always a winner in our eyes, but nothing is better than when she sees herself that way. 


Christmas came back in full force this weekend.  First, we had my staff party on Saturday night.  We did a white elephant gift exchange which opened my eyes to what poor taste my co-workers have.  I scored this…


Yes, that is a SpongeBob Chia pet.  Who brings this as a gag gift?  It’s a treasure!  I would’ve paid money for it.  We have rescued it and given SpongeBob the place of honor on our counter he deserves.  They will be jealous.

Today we had our annual Christmas get together with our friends-that-are-family the Klimek’s.  Sof was elated when she saw the fancy dresses come out.  More party.  My sister hosted again and for 5 hours it felt like we were on Christmas break again.



When did our first babies get this grown and beautiful?  I know Nan and I NEVER looked like these two!  The best part and they both have brains to go with the beauty.


We don’t do boys.  We’re 8 for 8.  All girls.


P1081179   P1081180

  P1081197   P1081202

The Grandma’s brought ornaments for the kids to decorate and then gave them each a special box to store their ornaments over the years.  Very cute!

P1081183   P1081190

P1081186  P1081193


It wouldn’t be complete without a little gambling dice game.


Mark won and offered to treat us to a reeeal nice dinner.  I’m not complaining though, as long as I don’t have to make it!


It’s official, Christmas 2011 is done.  The bummer is while I was celebrating my dirty laundry was reproducing.  My jeans and Mark’s jeans got together and had little baby jeans.  My sweaters and Mark’s shirts got together and made knit dresses and leggings.  Wouldn’t you know it, they were all born dirty.  Now I have a whole extended family of dirty laundry spilling over my baskets.  That’s what happens when you ignore your weekend chores.  They become your Monday chores.   

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  1. Lexi looks like a natural!! And I can't believe you were still doing Christmas last weekend, insane!