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Friday, January 20, 2012

Looks Like We Made It

Tomorrow Lexi and Daddy will be flying home.  Yeehaw!  We’re excited to have them back, but there’s been good things about our week.  Our nights were calmer without Lexi’s activities to juggle with Adrienne’s.  We ate what we wanted, when we wanted, without any pressure to sit down for a meal.  Once the girls were in bed the night was mine.  Mark and I don’t have compatible internal clocks.  He loves to go to bed, and I get my second wind around 10.  I’m a night owl.  I love those quiet nighttime hours with no time constraint.  This week I’ve enjoyed laying in bed with the lights and TV on, and my computer on my lap late into the night.  Yes, I have a new lover.  It’s thin, sleek, and black, and I love pushing it’s buttons.  There were good things to come out of this week. 

Lexi spent some important time with Mark’s Aunts and their hubbies.  They’ve gone all out this week to make her feel special.  There was also time with Mimi Lee and Papa  Harv.  I love seeing positive role models in my kids lives, some related, some not.  Doesn’t matter ‘cause Lord knows you can never have enough people who love you.  The special time with Daddy and Papa Curt was an added bonus.

   Lexi in FLA 10    Lexi in FLA 9   Lexi in FLA 8  

     Lexi in FLA 7   Lexi in FLA 6  Lexi in FLA 4

    Lexi in FLA 3  Lexi in FLA 2  Lexi in FLA

Back at home we've been juggling toddler bedtimes with teen sister’s activities.  Of course Anne and Rick were there to pick up the slack.  They picked Adrienne up from dance, watched Sof one night, took Adrienne to her school activity, and even sewed a hole in Sof’s blanket.  Can’t really ask for more(although I would if needed them:)  Anne said last week, “Use us like a doormat while Mark’s gone.  We’ll do whatever.”  Okay, I did.

Anne Sewing Sof's Blanket

Adrienne had two different performances.  One was a school lip syncing act.  Some of the students were painfully uncomfortable on stage.  Adrienne’s group totally got into to character and went all out.  I love that she has that confidence.  Middle school can be brutal without it.

        P1191265       P1191269

She ended up on that same stage again tonight performing for her school’s spaghetti dinner.

P1201302   P1201304

Sof was making me crazy right up until the dancing started.  Then she sat glued to the show, only moving to point out where her sis was. 




Yes, there were good things to come out of this week.

         P1201287         P1201285

I admit I was starting to enjoy our calmer evenings.  The house stayed so much cleaner.  I loved my nights doing just what I wanted. 


Today hubby and I were texting.  In the middle of it he texted: I miss you.  With those words he gave me a flutter of longing like when we were first dating.  So, tonight I’m savoring my time with my part time lover Mr. Computer, but tomorrow I will be happy to welcome a warmer body back to my bed.  I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.   

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