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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sof's First Day at Dance

Poor Sof, for months she has cried everytime we drop Alexa off at gymnastics, and everytime we drop Adrienne at dance. Now mind you, with our schedule, this happens just about everyday! Finally, yesterday was her turn. I'll be honest, I'm a total dance/gymnastics mom! I believe in extracurricular activities. I know that life is not for everyone, but it's right for us. When we were adopting I knew I would put this little girl in dance right away. Just like my other girls. I also knew it might not be her thing. It's possible, gasp, she may want to play a sport. Don't get me wrong, I'd support my kids no matter what they wanted to do, but it's sure a lot easier when their interest matches mine:). I love the whole dance scene, and I'm so excited to see Sof wanting to do it! She's been so excited about her bag and shoes! We went outside to take pictures before we left and she wouldn't set her bag down on the ground! She had to hang it on the garage door handle!

When we got there she was soooo excited! I kept telling her it was her turn. She marched right in the door, got her shoes on, and wanted to go in every door that opened. Finally it was time for her to line up. She jumped off the bench and went with her teacher. I knew that enthusiaam would wear off though when she realized she was going alone. Sure enough when she reappeared on the monitor she was crying and on the teacher's hip. By a few minutes into the class she was standing on her own, but she didn't move. She was super happy when she came out though!

So the the synopsis is...Sof was IN dance class, she did NOT dance. A girl can't show all her moves right away. She's saving her inner rock star for class #2.

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  1. She looks so cute! I hear ya, can't do to much the first time.