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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ramblings of a Working Mom

We made it through the first week fairly unscathed. It was busy, and a bit of a blur, but it's over nonetheless. Everyone is happy with their teachers, even daughter #1. Daughter #2 LOVES her teacher and is eager to do her homework each night. Daughter #3 no longer cries in the parking lot of daycare, but rather waits till we get to the room. That's progress people!

We welcomed the weekend with open arms. Friday was the Welcome Back Picnic at my school, so all 3 girlies and I headed to that. Lexi was too too tired from her week and crabby as all get out! Sof loves to push her over the edge, and that makes for unhappy mommy surrounded by people who trust me with their children everyday. Dilemma...do you leave them to think, "She can't even control her own kids, how does she teach a whole class?" or do the, "kneel down and whisper threats of harsh discipline sweet nothings in their ears"? As we were ready to leave Mark texted me and asked if I wanted to meet some friends for dinner. Oh yeah baby! Kids got Wendy's for dinner and we were outta there! Enjoyed some much needed grown up conversation:)

Saturday brought a fresh attitude for everyone. I had an hour date with Sof at Starbucks in the morning. Best hour of my week. I brought a notebook and crayons and magazine I wanted to flip through. As she started coloring I noticed how her pencil grip had changed. She is holding the crayon correctly! Kindergarten teachers get excited over this. She was also drawing so slowly and deliberately. The magazine got set aside and we spent the time making circles with eyes. Love seeing her blossom into the preschooler she should be.

Saturday afternoon I got to spend some alone time with Lexi doing some school shopping. Loved seeing how she has become such a big girl. She knew what she wanted and made her choices carefully. of course in the car on the way home she thanked me several time for her shopping day. So Lexi, always grateful and easy to please.

The evening was spent at Em's hanging out with her and the girls and Anne and Rick. The guys watched football and the ladies chatted. Welcome school year traditions...

Today I remembered why it's good to do all the laundry and grocery shopping on Sunday. If you don't, it makes for a disorganized week! I started tackling the piles at 7:30am, and folded the last bit around 10:30. Then I changed into my pajamas and noted there was already a pile of dirties again. It's the neverending job. I did get out with Adrienne this afternoon for her school shopping. Her comments consisted of things like, "that's so ugly mom", "wearing that is like social suicide", and my favorite, "do we have to stop at the grocery store, can't you just drop me off first?". Of course sweetheart, I'd love to drop you off so you don't have to wait for an extra 20 min. to get home. Besides, I have lots of extra time since I just spent the whole afternoon revolving around YOU!!!

Sof was rockin' this look tonight...

At bedtime Lexi realized she left her blanky at her friend's house. Too late to get it. Devastation and crying. Adrienne offered to let her use one of hers. Awwwww, she does have heart:)

And now that brings me to my betime because it's after 11 and I have to be up at 5am to go to the gym. And so it starts all over...

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