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Friday, February 4, 2011

Another week gone by...

I don't know where the days go!  So, random update here...my last post I mentioned my Grandma and her love for her "stuff" and the memories each thing holds.  That was Sunday, and on Monday I drove past a church in my area that always has cute sayings on their sign.  Wouldn't you know this is what it said...
Crazy huh???
I had to stop and take a picture of it!  It really made me remember to be ever so patient with Grandma through this process.  All of her things tell the story of her, and getting rid of them must feeling like losing who she is.  Getting old sucks, but not living to be old would suck worse...wow, profound huh?
Tuesday everyone was a buzz about the big storm coming.  I actually wrote snow day in my lesson plans for Wednesday because I was so sure!  It started getting nasty Tuesday night, but Adrienne still had dance.  We were invited to come the last half hour of her acting class for a little viewing(she takes all kinds of performing arts classes at her studio).  So glad I braved the weather to be there!  The kids did a few scenes they had been working on, and then they did an improv game for us.  It was so funny!  I mean the kind of laughing that makes you cry kinda funny!  I always marvel at my 12 year old middle schooler(isn't that like the worse, most awkward time of life?) with all her confidence.  Yes, she's beautiful, talented, and smart, but that's still not enough for some 12 year olds to feel secure.  Not Adrienne, she walks with confidence, but not competitiveness.  You go girl!  
Sure enough we had a snow day Wednesday.  Kids had sleepovers with the neighbors and spent a lot of the day playing outside.  I couldn't resist taking a picture at the dinner table when I realized Alexa still had her pajamas on AND she hadn't taken off her hat!      

Back to school Thursday and Friday...I was happy:)  We've had so many days off it's throwing my class for a loop.  They're rockin' in Math and I hate all the disruptions!  I like my routine:)  TGIF!

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