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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Day of Sightseeing

Today was a free day and we took advantage of it.  Last trip we were so busy we felt like we never saw anything!  It was nice to walk around today and get our bearings.  We took a city tour that was a bus with english audio.  This city has unbelievable history.  Every building has a story to it.  That was very interesting, but I have to admit I couldn't keep up with most of it!  So many Czar's, Emperor's, and Emperess's!  On our own we walked to the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood.  It was very beautiful, all mosaic tiles.  The pictures do not do it justice.  We went to a bookstore and I bought a funny little book that is about 3rd grade level.  It's about 6 little children named Clever, Fat, Noisy, Naughty, Slow, and Funny.  Definitly something you wouldn't find at home!  The kids will get a kick out of it!  We also shopped around an outdoor flea market for souveniers.  Didn't buy anything, but will definitly go back!  I was just happy to figure out where all of it was.  We had dinner at a little bar with good food, live entertainment, and an english speaking waitress:)  The band did a rendition of "My Way" which immediately made us think of Sal and Don!  We're back at the hotel and there is no message from our agency to tell us the itinerary for tomorrow.  That is dissappointing because it most likely means we won't have a morning visit with S.  So frustrating!  We're going to get up and be ready by 9, which is when we were picked up last trip for our morning visit.  That way if they call in the morning we can say COME GET US!  WE WANT TO SEE OUR CHILD!!!!!  At this point I'm not hopeful though:( 

That is completely made of mosaic tiles!

We were the only ones on the bus.  Can you say "tourist"?!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Where was that restaurant located, and do you recall its name? Was it on Nevsky Prospect? We mostly ate at our hotel's restaurant. It would be nice to venture out somewhere different.

    We leave tomorrow night for St. Pete & will arrive on the 1st!

  2. The restaurant was called Los Torres (or something close to that!). It's just about 2 doors down from the Radisson on Nevsky Prospect. There's also a good pizza place across the street that usually has someone that speaks English(and English on the menu). Safe travels!