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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Surprise!

We had a busy weekend planned!  Adrienne had her annual Ballet Tea Party on Saturday.  This is an interactive show with dancing, singing, and food!  The guests are all seated and served lunch, while the kids perform all around the room.  After their performance they are assigned a table to sit at and eat.  Did I mention they do NOT sit with their family??  They have to practice using their manners(which I've never seen at home!), and making small talk with people they don't know.  How tough is that at 12 years old?  Adrienne of course did wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed the food, company, and performance! 

Which brings me to the the surprise part...my Mom and Grandma joined me at the show and my Dad went with Mark to airport to pick up my sister.  My parents had driven 2 hours to be there and planned on going home in the early evening after dinner.  As we were driving to the Tea Party we noticed it was snowing quite hard...when we were eating we noticed it didn't stop...when we left we noticed the roads were not good!  An hour and a half airport pick up turned into 3 hours, and with that my parents said, "forget it, we're staying"!  So, we enjoyed a fun evening of food, friends, and family.  Anne and Rick joined us, and my Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik stopped by on their way through town. 

Aunt Sally, Mom, Anne
We ended up watching home videos, which seems to be our favorite pastime lately!  Anne and Rick are a special part of our lives now, but we've only known them for about 7 years.  It's weird to think of the special events(weddings, babies, etc.) that they didn't experience with us.  Home videos are a way for them to feel like they were there!  They are so invested in the adoption and Emily's pregnancy!  On that note, we are just waiting for a court date.  I'm still hoping for the end of February, but I know in my heart that it's unlikely.  So, beginning of March would be acceptable too!  For now I just busy myself buying ridiculously cute clothing for S.  At some point I'm going to have to break down and get the less fun items like diapers, bibs, car seats, stroller......Ugh.     

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