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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

June Morning

If June were a day, the end of school would be the morning.  There’s a very distinct division in the month.  The hectic rush of wrapping up school and activities gives way to the exhale of freer summer days. 


Rubik's cube love was still going strong.  So was our last minute arrival at the bus stop.

IMG_6716  IMG_6774






Sof had her last day of Daisy’s.  It’s such a wonderful group of girls, and I’m so grateful to the mom’s that are willing to run a troop this big!  On to brownies next year!


Sof’s school has an amazing garden.  Each grade level plants different things throughout the year.  When something is ready to be picked the rolling kitchen comes to the classroom and they get to cook with the garden harvest.  This year they made smoothies and pizzas! 


A favorite end of school activity…Field day!  I couldn’t be there during the day due to my work schedule, but Sof had a blast and my awesome neighbors covered picture duty for me!



Rick’s birthday always gives us a good reason to let him make dinner for us;)



Sof was reunited with some of her cheer friends for a birthday party.  We’re so sad some of the girls left the gym this year, but we’re determined to keep in touch!




Emily and Steve have some friends who moved to Florida a few years back.  They were up for a visit so we were able to get together.  They adopted their son and daughter from Russia 12 years ago.  They are biological siblings, and were adopted just shy of 5 and 6 years old.  They are doing fantastic, and it was exciting for Sof to meet them.  It’s always powerful to connect with people who have your story.   


Impromptu pancake dinner when Adrienne’s friends showed up!


As the end gets closer, it’s harder and harder to stay disciplined.  John and Jill came over one Thursday night, and instead of putting our kids to bed like good parents, we popped some popcorn and put a movie in.  around 10:30 one of us(probably not me) panicked at the realization that it was in fact a school night. 


The next morning I made a donut run to coax this kid out of bed!


Lexi had an eighth grade party.  She went with her good group of friends.  I hope these girls stick together in high school!


That led to a quiet couple of hours on a Friday night in between drop off and pick up, so we took Sof to the park. 


She had more fun playing on the railroad tracks on the walk there!  On the way back we were lucky enough to catch a train coming through!


Adrienne had her dance recital.  It’s much longer and later at the new studio, so we didn’t have the family we usually do.  She had plenty of fans however!


The two on her left are friends from school and the two on the right are from her old studio.  I love that they still support each other!

Lexi had her eighth grade ceremony where she was recognized for being on the honor roll. I’m so proud of the student and young lady she’s becoming.



Sof had a little end of year picnic lunch.  We ate together on the playground and then went back to classroom for some arts and crafts.


We stood at the bus stop one afternoon for an hour while the kids played and the moms chatted. 


A cute moment between Avery and Sof while Sof tries to convince her to smile for a pic!


Adrienne went to a Beyonce concert just to solidify she’s way cooler than I am or ever was.


Then finally, we arrived at the last day of school.  Oh the joy.  Oddly the big girls didn’t want a last day picture to put side by side with the first day pic and post on social media lamenting over the growth.  Which is why I have this sweet baby girl to indulge my every motherly whim. 

IMG_7033She picked the outfit herself, and I was not immediately onboard.  However, I had not purchased a specific last day of school outfit(I’m clearly slipping), so I went with it.  Where did those legs come from??? 


Good bye first grade, it’s been a great year.

On the contrary, my year was difficult.  This class.  What the heck.  Amy and I decided early on in the year that if when we made it to June there’d be a celebration.  A picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’ll just leave you with this one…


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