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Saturday, August 13, 2016

4th of July

We went up to Mike and Alison’s in Traverse City to celebrate 4th of July.  We started downtown at this awesome little parking lot bar.  Food trucks line the perimeter with all sorts of fun different foods!


I feel like I’ve raised my child right, and warned her of the dangers out there.  And yet she still followed Mike out into the road and sat down.  Doesn’t she know never to listen to MIKE? 


The next day was a boat day.  We were able to anchor and see the Blue Angels fly.  Those things are INSANE. 



The planes were mesmerizing to watch, but Sof lost interest before the rest of us!


We stopped at a little island on the way back.  There was a huge dock about 10 feet up off the water.  I should mention the water was FREEZING.  Sof saw a few kids jumping off the dock, and decided she wanted to do it.  Sure enough she marched up without hesitation and jumped!  That was like issuing a challenge to the rest of our group.  Apparently I’m the only one that doesn’t cave to peer pressure because I was the only one that didn’t jump!  Give me a 90 degree day with some nice 65 degree water and I’m all in…but no 50 degree water for me! 


This was Sof’s rock collection that she thought for sure she was going to bring home. 


Sunsets at Mike and Alison’s are amazing.  I’m always sad when I look back and realize I don’t have many pictures of the adults that were there, but Darryl made it in one!  Brian and Ami also joined us for a day which was a treat.  We don’t see them enough.


This winery is basically in Mike and Alison’s back yard.  We walk up the hill to the best scenery.


Alison always keeps it appropriate.  Or not.


The next day was another boat day.  A little chilly, but a basically beautiful day.  We like to anchor at this little beach because there’s never anyone there and it’s good for rock hunting.


Can’t miss the sunset…


We set off Chinese lanterns that night.  The sky is so clear here you can see them forever.


The last day we went to a little shoreline that Mike and Alison like to call “their beach”.  It’s not really a beach per say, but we loved it for the rock hunting!  We found the best rocks there!



Sof hit her toe on a rock and started to cry.  While I was looking at her toe I noticed a Petoskey peeking out of the sand.  The bad news in this story is that Sof lost a toe nail(ouch), but the good news is I found the best Petosky ever…



We ventured downtown on the fourth with the intention of staying for the fireworks.  After some ice cream though, everyone lost their steam and wanted to leave.  Pretty lame, but we left before the fireworks went off!  We aren’t a late night family.  We like our beds.


It was a great fourth up north!


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