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Saturday, August 13, 2016

June Evening

Let’s just keep using my analogy, because I’m so fancy.  If June were a day,  the end of school would be the morning, our DC trip would be the afternoon, and this post is the evening.  Finally, the start of our actual summer vacation.  I find I’m very productive in June.  My mind is still in work/scheduling mode, I’m eager to complete some projects, and my body clock is still willing to be up and moving fairly early in the morning. 

My biggest project was organizing all the girls school things I’ve saved over the years.  I had everything in boxes, and there’s tons of it.  I decided to transfer it to binders so it’s more accessible and easier to store.  I started with Adrienne and was dying laughing at some of the stuff!  Anne was her teacher in her Kindergarten year and apparently worksheets with guns were still okay.


Then there’s this little gem that proves she was never tolerant of others, even at 6 years old.


Here’s a fun piece that hints at a slightly troubled child.  Yikes.


The summer started off hot and that’s just how we like it!IMG_7047


Tropical Smoothie was giving away free smoothies if you wore flip flops there on National Flip Flop day!  Sof has never had one this huge, and she thought she was pretty cool!  She hardly put a dent in it before giving the rest to daddy.


We had one random cool day that was perfectly timed.  We had plans to meet my work friends to do some strawberry picking.  Perfect day for it!




We had an awesome HOT day on the boat.  The water was not very warm, so the fact that even I was in the water says something!


A visit with Grandpa Culley!


Scratches wants to be a boat cat.


Finding Nemo! (not pictured: the $25 the popcorn and smoothies cost)


Times are tough and we just can’t pay for the dentist for all these kids.  We’ve started calling Mark doctor instead of daddy and its all working out just fine.


Kidding, although that picture looks like irresponsible parenting.  In reality she had a loose tooth she wanted pulled and daddy is her preferred puller!


Daddy helps Sofie, and Sofie “helps” daddy!


While we were in DC, Em and her kids headed to Connecticut to visit her in laws.  Between her trip and ours we went about 2 weeks without seeing each other!  That’s long in our book!


Reunions are sweet!

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