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Monday, December 30, 2013

Got the Dresses

This was second year doing the actual dress shopping with Sal.  The girls love it, and so do I!  It’s so fun for them to pick an armful of dresses and model them for us!  IMG_6867 

Sof and Lexi are usually pretty easy, because they both shop in the kids department.  When you move into adult sizes it gets much harder!  Adrienne found a dress she was in love with.  It was pretty, but I wasn’t over the moon.  It was very expensive, but some of the sequins were already falling off.  We ended up buying it for a reduced price(still very expensive) and she was happy.


After all that, a week before Christmas she decided she wasn’t quite as in love with it as she thought.  We went back to the store and found an amazing dress for half the price.  After seeing her in it on Christmas Eve, she definitely made the right choice!

Like always, Sal had a cooking project for the girls.


Poor Sof fell asleep before the brownies ever came out of the oven!



It was another great day with Sal, and another successful dress year!

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