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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cookie Time

Every year gets a little easier for me in this department.  This year I made the dough, but the kids rolled, cut, baked, and frosted the cookies.  It started out so warm and fuzzy.





It was going well until Lexi decided she wanted to frost the mittens, but Adrienne was planning on doing those also.  Instead of sharing the 20 or so mittens, that would be too easy, they went into stand off.  It ended with Lexi quitting and going upstairs.  Then Adrienne realized she didn’t really want to have to frost all the cookies.  She quit and went upstairs and told Lexi she could do them.  Only by this time, Lexi was over it and didn’t want to do it either. 

Like a good mother, I borrowed a line from Clark and yelled said, “Where do you think your going? Nobody’s leaving.  Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old fashioned cookie decorating.  No no.  You’re in this together.  This is a full blown four alarm cookie emergency here.  We’re gonna press on and have the hap hap happiest cookies since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny F’ing Kay.” 

In the end they all came back and we ended up with a generous plate for Santa, and a few dozen for us. 



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