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Monday, December 30, 2013

Decorating the Tree


Being in a new house brought new challenges for decorating.  Making the old decorations fit with the new house required thought that I don’t like to give.  I know many women enjoy decorating and changing things in their house, but I don’t.  I like to just throw everything in it’s place and be done.  At least decorating the tree is a no brainer!

The kids each had their own boxes of ornaments this year.  We separated them last year, and it was great!  Lexi had a friend over to help too!




We added a small tree in the dining room that Lexi and Savana decorated for us!


The big girls do a great job now, but we still had to move many of Sof’s ornaments!  She managed to get at least 1,653 ornaments on the same bottom branch.


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