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Saturday, September 8, 2012

School’s In

Back to the grind.  I hate it and love it all at the same time.  Going to the gym at 5:30am I just hate, all the time, hate.  Getting new school clothes, organizing backpacks and lunchboxes, and planning for my class I love.  Everyone in the house knew exactly what they were going to wear the first day…except Adrienne.  Isn’t that a big deal in 8th grade?  Even I tried on 2 or 3 different wardrobe options the night before meeting my new kinderkids.  Adrienne got up in the morning and figured out that nothing from her summer wardrobe matched the dress code, and all her new school clothes were too warm to wear that day.  She put something together, wasn’t bothered at all, and went on her way.  Wish I had her confidence! 



Mark is taking her to school this year because she goes so darn early.  The bus comes at 6:42! 

Lexi was totally prepared with every sparkly piece of apparel you can imagine.  She had her clothes laid out, bag packed, and lunch made the night before!




She has her buddy Savannah in class again this year so she was excited!  She’s also on the news crew and safety patrol at her school.  She’s so good with the little ones the teachers love having her around to help.  When I picked her up after school she was over the moon because she was assigned to help a new Japanese boy in her class that knows no English.  She loves watching over people!

That brings us to Sof.  Poor baby.  She wants to be big like her sisters so bad!  It was technically her first day of preschool.  At her daycare everyone moves up to their new class at the same time.  Sof moved up earlier in the summer because she was ready.  So, it wasn’t that eventful for her!  Still, I let her wear a new school outfit,  she packed a bunch of shit stuff in a backpack, and at the last minute she had to have a lunchbox so she found an empty one of Adrienne’s.



She was so excited and willing to pose!


We happened to see Jack walking to the bus stop and stopped for a quick pic!  Lexi doesn’t go to our home school, so her and Jack are separated.  I actually think that helps them keep such a tight girl/boy friendship. 


Amy and I were also bright eyed and bushy tailed for our first day!


We weren’t looking quite so eager after having an aunt of one of our kindergarteners show up at lunch with a baby bottle for him.  Yup, trying to give a 5 year old a bottle in front of his new class of peers.  She was told no, but played the whole I don’t speak English card.  I don’t care what language you speak, you know what NO means!  She won’t be allowed back.  Later in the week I wasn’t looking so fresh as I ran through surrounding neighborhoods looking for a girl we thought we’d lost.  Her teacher had checked every bus for her, calling her name, and even having the bus driver call it over the loud speaker.  She’s one of these “I don’t have to listen to you” kinda kids.  After many frantic minutes, police calls, and tears from her teacher, the bus brought her back.  Her relieved mother came rushing up to school and after we all had our thank God moment I had to walk away so I didn’t say something nasty to that mother.  I’m sure she’ll spend her time this weekend writing angry emails about how we traumatized her child instead of teaching her kid that when an adult speaks to you you damn well better respond.  Honestly, sometimes I look at these kids and wonder if enough of them will grow into productive members of society in order to keep the world turning.  I will step down from my soapbox.  Uh Um, Thank you. 

All my kids were happy and talkative after the first day.  They love their teachers and schedules.  Sof brought home a dictated interview from her first day.  At the end it said, “When I grow up I want to eat chicken”.  Big dreams here at the Culley house.  We teach our kids to reach for the stars!      

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