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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of Dance

Sof started her new dance classes this week.  She’s taking tap and hippity hop(how cute is that!).  Her tap shoes were handed down from Kaitlyn and have been sitting on a shelf for a long time.  She has been desperate to wear them!  When I finally said it was her day she was very excited! 



Once we got there she began to get nervous.  Every time I asked her to smile she would pose, but her smile was little forced!


As she stood in line we talked about how her shoes were going to make such cool tapping sounds on the dance room floor! 


That was enough to spark her interest, so when it was time, she turned and walked into class all by herself with no tears. 



My girl is growing up and learning that she can do things by herself.  She knows mama will be there when she’s done. 

She loved her classes!  When it was Lexi’s turn to start back the next night, she had a melt down.  She wants to go every night!  She may be following in her big sissy’s foot steps! 

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