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Saturday, September 1, 2012

OCD (Obsessive Chronological Disorder)

I have to do this short and sweet post.  We had two dance events, I took pictures, and I have to post them or I won’t be able to do my weekend post.  I’ll feel the need to go back and address them, they won’t flow with the cottage weekend stuff, and it’ll just be a hot mess of weak transitions and awkward pauses.  So…last weekend we had our annual dance potluck to say farewell to the last season and ring in the new.  We all hang out in the parking lot chatting, eating, and complaining.

P8245557  P8245553



After that we head inside for the meeting portion of it.  We all brace ourselves find out what we’re in for this year.  We weren’t prepared when Adrienne and 5 other dancers got up to talk about clicks and how social issues have effected them.  Wow.  Tear jerker.  A little background…some of the parents have been behaving badly.  For the record, I’m not one of them:)  The kids are feeling the aftershocks of it and they want it stop.  So proud of all the young people(13-15) that got up and shared their raw emotions and stories.  What a brave group! 

We also had a community performance which was hot like usual!  Em’s girls danced also so they were there. 




  P8265573  P8265580



Whew!  I feel so much better that I got this post done!  In other news, I started a blog for my classroom, it’s linked on the sidebar(Sharing and Caring).  It probably won’t stay public, but we’ll see! 

We are heading to cottage for the last weekend.  Like the really last weekend.  We sold it.  It is bittersweet, and I’ll write more about that later, but it was right time, and we will enjoy every single minute the next couple days!

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