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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grand Haven 2012

Last week we took our yearly trip with my family.  Our friends were camping at the same time, so it was more fun and more chaos!  We have our regular things we enjoy.  When we get up in the morning I usually take a run. 

  P7275127  P7275126

Most mornings Mark would take Sof and head up to get us Starbucks.  I love this door to door service because when I get back the kids are ready to go to Great Harvest right away!  I grab my coffee and we walk down to get bread and inevitably see some of the rest of the family there.  You can always count on an impromptu family meeting there to plan the day.


 P7275128  P7275129

 P7275133  P7275132


Our days were filled with all sorts of activities.  We spent time shopping.



Grandma getting ready to hit the beach with her boogie board.  Ha!

P7255070  P7255072


These shoes?  My birthday splurge from me to me.  I am in love with them!


We spent a day at Michigan Adventure.  I love the rides!  This year Livy rode everything!  Even the biggest coaster!  Em was more nervous then Livy was!  Kaitlyn rode everything she was tall enough for, and I think she’s on the track to being a rider just like her sis and cousins!


12  11

It was very hot and we agreed to get everyone either an ice cream or a slushie.  Em and I took Lexi for ice cream, and the other kids went with the guys for slushies.  Lexi begged me for a sundae that was $7.  I said no way!  We all got a cone and headed back to the group.  They all had the these pink slushie cups that they finally admitted cost $9 each!!  That’s what happens when you don’t send a mom to handle the snacks!  Mark and Steve said they were worth it because those are going to be their new cocktail glasses.  Cute.


Our favorite daytime activity is the beach.  We had awesome days this year.  The waves were huge and even Emily and I ended up using the kid’s boogie boards! 



   P7265095  P7265118

Sof was terrified of the waves, but Uncle Erik got her in and then she didn’t want to get out!




P7285190  P7285198




A new addition this year was the sprinkler park just opened!  Great for the little ones to cool off!

  P7255085  P7255086

Natalie was very cautious!  She preferred to watch instead of participate!

 P7255080  P7255081



Other daytime activities included running a 5K with Em while Mom and Dad walked it(big accomplishment for our Mom who’s wanted to do it for a year!).  We all finished with respectful times even though Em and I went to bed too late after my celebratory birthday night out!

1 Also, we always love the Kid’s Parade!  It’s the perfect length with lots of candy.


 P7285170  P7285176

  P7285188  P7285184



We had little photo shoot with Papa!  It’s pretty much impossible to get all these faces smiling!



Nightimes are filled with fun in Grand Haven!


We stayed in a different condo this year and we loved the balcony!  Can’t beat this view.  We spent several nights hanging out here.

7Getting ice cream is almost a nightly event.  It’s quite a production to get 6 adults, 4 walking kids, 2 little ones in the wagon, and a wheelchair all going at the same time.  We take up a whole block of sidewalk. 



20  19

I have a new addiction since being there.  It’s salted caramel ice cream from family owned Temptations.  They make all their own ice cream, and this is the best I’ve ever had!  I had to remind myself the other night that driving two hours to get some was probably unreasonable.  Probably.


My actual 39th birthday night with my girls.  I opted for my ice cream instead of cake and candles.  No surprise!

We joined Aunt Sally and Uncle Erik and their crew at the Clover Bar for pizza one night.


We also went out one night for grown up drinks and conversation!  Thanks to Grandma’s for watching the littles!



This was the night before the 5K.  Yikes.  We’re lucky we finished!

Our last night there we put together a big spread and had a family dinner.  All our Grand Rapids “friend’s who are family” came!



Isn’t it crazy that Nan, Em, and I only had girls?  Eight granddaughters between us!

It was another great week of family, friends, and memories.  We’re already looking forward to next year!

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