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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pictures of S's room!

As promised here is a picture of S's painted room.  There aren't any pictures hung or window treatments up, but they will come!  You can at least get the idea... 
I guess I should address the twin bed.  Yes, that is a twin bed for a 20 lb. two year old.  I have thought about this long and hard and weighed the options.  When we started this I wanted a 3-5 yr old.  Mark wanted a baby.  We settled on 2 1/2-4 1/2 for our referral age.  I thought, "Surely they will send me a 4 yr old.  Who wants those children?".  They told me you could get a referral slightly outside your age range.  I thought, "Even better!  They will give me a 5 yr old!".  Nope, I'm getting a 2 yr. old.  Who would have thought!!!  Which brings me to the fact that I am completely unprepared for a "baby".  I debated on putting a crib back up, or maybe a toddler bed.  I decided to stick with the bed and use side rails(not shown here).  I know I'm bringing home a baby, but 6 months later she will be turning 3!  It's an awkward time.  If it seems wrong and she doesn't do well we'll throw a toddler bed up!   
 Other good progress...our FBI clearances came today!  One more loose end tied up.  And just for laughs...Mark took Alexa to the Auto Show last night.  When I asked what her favorite car was she said, "I like the smartest car!".  AKA-Smart car. 


  1. That's our Lexi!!! Love the room...

  2. The room is really cute. FYI, I still have Ava in a crib at 2, and she loves it. never has tried to get out. What is she sleeping in at the Orphanage?

  3. My other girls were in a cib past 3, but she's already in a toddler bed. I'm worried that going back to a crib could scare her. Plus, I don't have a crib anymore so it would involve me buying or borrowing a crib, setting it up, and buying new bedding. I've opted to go with the easy option first and see how it goes!