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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Prom Night(s)

Adrienne ended up attending 3 different proms.  I was so happy she took Audrey, not just because I wanted Audrey to go, but because it was the only one I got to take pictures of.


This was a very uncomfortable night for Audrey, and I’m so proud of my girl for making it easier for her. 


As you can imagine we were all trying not to hover, but it was hard in these weeks after losing Ethan to not smother the others.  We wanted to cling to theses other kids of ours, and truth be told they seemed to want to be with us too. 

Adrienne kept sending us pictures, updating us on the happenings.



The girls had a good time, and stayed long enough to do all the proper prom things.  Fairly quickly though, they decided they were done and preferred to join us where we were having dinner. 


We squeezed them into our already tight booth, and had a bunch of laughs mostly revolving around Uncle Brian being Sof’s arms.


Successful night all around.

Sof and Lexi’s cheer team qualified to compete at the Summit(a big national competition in Orlando) on the same weekend that Adrienne had her other two proms.  Sadly, I can’t be in two places at once, and I couldn’t send the two to Orlando by themselves, so that means I missed her proms.  We are lucky to have good friends and family that step up when needed, and fill the void when I can’t.

The first prom was at her school, and the one she planned to wear the Saree to.  Emily was slightly panicked that she might have to watch YouTube videos to figure out how to pin her into it.  If you don’t have any Indian friends, you should find some.  There are a great many things to be learned from their cultural beliefs.  They believe in the village, they show up for their village, and they value their people.  When Adrienne declared she wanted to do this, not only Ami but two of her friends vowed they would make it work.  I’m not kidding guys, these people have NO obligation to my kid.  They are busy people.  They have jobs and kids.  They brought their Saree’s to Ami’s for Adrienne to choose from, and promised between the 3 of them they would figure out who was available on a FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 4:00 TO PIN MY KID IN THIS SAREE.  I am forever grateful for their support of my girl.

IMG_2644 (1)IMG_2713IMG_2714IMG_2716IMG_2721IMG_2724IMG_2727JRXY8807The saree seemed like a great idea right up until the moment she was actually doing it.  Then I got a little nervous.  Maybe this is weird?  I dunno.  My fears were put to rest with her text.


Two proms down, one to go.  The last one was the next day, and was at the school her closest group of friends are from.  These are the friends she went on spring break with, and promised to be a lot of fun.  I should mention that the reason she wore a saree to her school, and not the others, is because she does a lot of work with her high school fundraising and raising awareness about our girls in Sri Lanka.  Therefore the kids understand her connection to the cultural dress.  The other schools wouldn’t know this, and so she chose a more traditional dress for them.


Emily really had to work for this one!  There were several picture locations, and lots of other parents for her to mingle with!


Date #3


Where are all the awkward kids??  What even?  This looks like a photo shoot for some magazine.



Prom 3 was successful in it’s own right, delivering everything that was expected from it.

Three nights, three different purposes, three memories made.  Senior prom…done.

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