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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spring Break

Everyone can smile when you know afterschool you’re heading south!


We had some sporadic really nice days in March, but it’s not the same as the clear blue, beach worthy southern skies.  There’s nothing like stopping for gas half way there and already feeling the warmer temps.


We went back to Destin this year, and as luck would have it, we arrived on Barb’s 50th birthday!!  First things first, Sof had to get in the pool!


This little dip gave the boys time to unload and start making the birthday girl’s dinner! 

IMG_5510 Disclosure: We’re all looking a little rough after 12 hours in the car.



The rest of the trip was a rotation between beach, pool, restaurant, and bar!  Oh, and shopping.  We did that too!

IMG_5527  I love the beach, but the pool is such a nice option to have.  The girls love it, and it’s infinitely easier! 



Sisters who make mermaid tails out of sand are awesome!



Camp Culley-Winters




Look teachers, no reason to come home to school.  We can do smart things right here.


The real reason the guys went to the beach was so that they could skip out at 3 for happy hour at the classy place down the beach.


Oh sun, how we love thee.


It’s important to teach your child to gamble.  Can’t send them out into the world unprepared.


Go carting and ice cream is a must. 

IMG_5555   Given the choice, Sof chose to ride with daddy.  Not sure if she thought that would be a faster ride or just safer.


Thirty seconds after I took these photos, I hopped in my car and and tried running them off the track like it was my job.


Who is this little teenager and what have you done with my baby?

IMG_5574 We are definitely creatures of habit.  We went right back to the Japanese Steakhouse we had such a great time at last year.  I’ll be honest, there was some sort of orange martini I had to have again!




Spoiler alert Mark: She misses.


There was a Krispy Kreme kinda a long way down the strip.  Am I even a mother if I don’t expose them to this?  #forthekids


We used to call this “grown up’s” night out, but Barb and Jeff brought Melissa this year so we had to change it to “parent’s night out”!



We still love our Starbucks morning at the shopping plaza, but we didn’t go as much this year.  I’ve gotten smart and now travel with my Verismo so I can make my own drinks from the comfort of our kitchen.  However, the girls wanted waffle house and the other girls wanted to shop one morning.  Chocolate chip waffles to go.  AKA do you want some waffle with your chocolate chip?


Before we knew it, it was “last night eat anything left in the fridge” night. 


Leaving is always bittersweet.  Of course you don’t want to go, but the knowledge that we’re on the downhill slide to summer keeps us going!

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