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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dipping Our Toes in Kindergarten

So in case you didn’t know, my baby is going to Kindergarten next year.  That’s big.  I love the preschool years.  I love the mix of old enough to go and grow and learn, but young enough to stay and nap and need.  Nevertheless, all seasons pass, and our season of preschool has too.  Sof is unbelievably ready, and so I guess I must be too.  I am so proud of her and the gains she’s made this year.  I know she is going to rock next year, and that I am excited for. 

Over the last weeks of school we had the opportunity to visit her new school for several events.  First was a story hour that included a tour of the school and project. 


She had the perfect mixture of curiosity and tepidness.  Confident enough to let go and join the group, but sneaking a peek back at me every now and then. 


She left with a project and a book, which she started reading on her own in the car:)


A week or so later we went back for a bus ride.  Daddy was off and came with us.



Holy cuteness.  She expressed a little nervousness over the bus, but when it came time she hopped on and waved to us.  She was beaming when she got back.

Lastly, we went yet another day for a small readiness evaluation.  Mrs. Winters did her testing.  You may recognize her from our bowling group and trip to Florida.  Barb and I have been friends since I worked at her school, and it will be a full circle moment to have Sofia attending school there now.    IMG_9720

Parents were asked to fill out a questionnaire while we waited.  I was forced to be totally honest, after all, they’ll find out soon enough.


Through every step of the way I felt nothing but pride for the girl I’m sending off to school.  The sadness of one phase ending is being replaced by excitement for a new challenge and chance to shine.  Share your light little one, share your lightRed heart

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