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Monday, May 12, 2014

Power of Dance

Sof and Adrienne recently competed in the Power of Dance competition.  Our studio loves to participate in this because it is a charity competition and every win brings you money for your chosen charity. 

This was Sof’s first competition and probably her last.  We’ve decided to move her to cheer next year with Lexi.  It’s a better fit her personality, and also our time and money.  So, this competition was bittersweet for me, as I do love the dance world and am sad that Sof won’t be doing it for years to come:( 


It was an early morning, but she was so excited she jumped right out of bed!  Adrienne came to work backstage since her group wasn’t competing the until the next day, and Lexi came to watch!


Kaitlyn and Livy competed that day too. 


Adrienne led warm-up.  Usually parents aren’t allowed in when they’re getting ready, but since it was so early we got away with it!






The girls did fabulous and earned themselves each a trophy! 


The next day it was just Adrienne and I.  I love spending the day watching her dance!  There’s nowhere I’d rather be!

IMG_8963The senior girls looked amazing and won a lot of money for our two charities.  As the girls accepted awards the announcer would ask them what their charity was that they were dancing for.  I can’t tell you the number of kids from other dance schools that couldn’t answer that!!!  What???  Isn’t that the whole reason you’re there?  Every one of our students knew the charities and announced them proudly!  We rock!!  

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