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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine’s Day


Sof has been obsessed with “surprise eggs”.  In case you don’t what they are(I didn’t until recently), they are just what they sound like-a plastic or chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside.  There are a thousand Youtube videos with weird grown up people narrating as they open them.  Who tapes themselves doing that??  Maybe they get paid for it??  Anyhoo…Sof loves watching these slightly creepy videos.  So, when I saw these Valentine hearts with candy inside them, I knew she would love them!  What I did not think about, was the frustration of a 5 year old trying to write her name on 24 of these 3-D hearts. 


She finished all of them though, and was super excited to bring them to school!


She was so sweet at her classroom party.  We supplied the decorations for the cookies, and she was so proud!  I love watching her in her school environment.  She is such a good little student!




After school we gathered at our house for our family Valentine party.  Every year it gets harder and harder to squeeze this in with all the kids activities, but I’m so glad we make the effort!  It was casual and quiet, kids playing and writing Valentines while the grown ups watched the Olympics and served up dinner.


We had gifts that got opened in a frenzy! 



As always, reading Valentines is the favorite activity.  We didn’t make the guys write them this year, and the kids were disappointed(and the guys were kinda mad when they realized they missed it)!  Valentine FAIL!  Good to know that it’s important to everyone even if they grumble when doing it:)




It is in your best interest NOT to touch Nat’s cards.  Ever.  For any reason. 


It feels like an accomplishment every year we make this happen.  Never were there 6 better reasons to celebrate love.

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