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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alice in Dreamland…Again

The ballet show this year was the same as last year, Alice in Dreamland.  Adrienne was able to play her same role as the White Rabbit(everyone loved her last year!).  They made a few changes and improvements to make a very pleasant show!  Adrienne is on stage the entire time, and between Livy, Kaitlyn, and Sof, it was hard to know who/what to watch! 

Sof loved everything about it.  I debated on whether to put her in it or not.  Boy am I glad I did!  She loved every minute of it, even the 5 hour rehearsals!



What I see when I look at this picture…1. Sof and Livy should be sisters. 2. Kaitlyn clinging to her Adrienne.  She loves Adrienne, well she loves everyone really, but she’s Adrienne’s little mini me. 

Grandma Linda and Papa Curt came for the show and we went back to Em’s for dinner.  Anne and Rick joined us, and we had such a great time.  I actually love Sunday night get togethers(especially when they’re not at my house:).  It makes the weekend feel so much longer!

The kids got to open their Valentine cards from Grandma, Papa, and Grandma Jackie.  We had a good laugh over the $5 that has been in there since Em and I were kids!  The kids have never thought anything of it, and appreciate it as if it were a million bucks. 


Raising appreciative kids…check!

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