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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012, That’s a Wrap

We came, we saw, we did Halloween.  I always sort of dread the fact that it’s a predominantly nighttime holiday that falls on a weekday.  I think it just makes me ultra organized though.  We started the preparations about a week ago.  The first event was bowling night.  This year we settled on replacement refs as our costume.  Steve’s was the funniest with zigzag lines!



We actually printed off the official Professional Bowler’s Association rules and cited people for “breaking” them.  Things like only having one ball, and no balls in the locker room.  You can imagine.  Peanut M&M’s served as our flags.   

We carved pumpkins on Sunday.  Awhile back I bought a cool set at Target for Sof.  It came with a little hammer and clear golf tee like objects.  I thought she would love being able to hammer them in herself, and she did!  Problem was they didn’t light up with a candle, and I couldn’t find a pumpkin light.  Luckily her interest doesn’t last long and she moves on!

PA286390PA286384  Sof wasn’t sure about the insides at first, but she quickly got over it!



Even big girl carved, and don’t let her fool you, she likes it!


Lexi dug in like a pro!  She doesn’t care about slime, and she can even carve it herself! 

The finished product was indicative of each kids personality.


Sof and Lexi both had parties at school.  The excitement that morning was palpable.

PA316417photo.JPG4  Sof had her party in the morning while I was at work.  Then we headed over to Lexi’s school for her parade and party.  Sof waited anxiously to see her sis, and when she did she went running!

PA316420  PA316421

She made herself comfortable in Lexi’s classroom finding a book.



Then it was back home to set out sandwiches and chips for friends to come eat before trick or treat.  It was a nasty night, cold and spitting rain, but we had a great time anyway! 


Lexi and Jack coordinated their outfits again this year.  I think they’re too cute to be gangsters! 


Sof totally knew what she was doing this year and wanted to keep up with the big kids!



She did a lot of running that night!

Adrienne had play practice(don’t even get me started on the stupidness of this).  I picked her and 5 friends up at 7, just enough time to get costumes on and trick or treat on our street.  Then like teenagers do, they came back and ate sandwiches, and chips, and fruit until they were about to explode.  Then they dove into the candy!  I loved that they were all at our house!


They’re such dancers!  Get the camera out and they immediately pose!


In the end everyone was full, happy, and candy was plentiful!


The next morning I went to get my Starbucks before work, and lo and behold they handed me a red cup.  Cue the light snow fall, angels singing, and a couple hallelujahs!  Well Hello November, I forgot how much I like you!  I suddenly feel more thankful, red cups do that for me.  Our schedule was different that morning, so I got my Starbucks after I dropped Adrienne off at school, then brought drinks back to Sof and Lexi.  Lexi got all excited and said, “The Christmas cups!”.  Sof responded with, “Santa bought these?”  Ha!   


Happy cozy, homey, crock pot, and red cup season!  Cheers!

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