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Monday, November 12, 2012

Everyday Happenings

We are busy every. single. day.  Period.  Some days we have big events that are worthy of pulling out the real camera.  Some days we have unexpected moments that warrant pulling out the iPhone.  Either way it’s our crazy life and we love it.  In recent happenings…we had viewing week at dance.


Sof likes tap, but she’s a hippity hopper at heart!  She likes the move that ends in “what”!


Jazz is Lexi’s favorite, but she does tap and ballet too!



Mark’s Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Bob came for a visit.  We haven’t seen them in about 10 years.  They were shocked to see the kids!  Especially Adrienne who looks and acts so much like Mark’s mother who passed away 10 years ago. 



Adrienne and 20 others from her dance group are going to be dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I helped with some of the costuming last week, and they are going to look so great!  If they didn’t have a 3am ready time it’d be perfect.  Ugh.




All the girls will have the red dresses on, but we didn’t need to fit some of them because they are using them right now for another performance.  Every four years our studio partners with the local high school to put on “A Christmas Carol”.  When you combine our dancers with the high school vocalists, you get WOW.  Seriously, it’s unbelievable.  It feels like a professional performance with the talent, costumes, and set(which is rotating). 


Adrienne is the third from the left, standing with her right arm up!  I’ve seen it twice already and can’t wait to go one more time next weekend! 



In other unbelievable happenings, my bestie from 6th grade, Steph, turns 40 this week.  Her sis and mom hosted a surprise party which was great! 

     6  5

            7  9


Ummmm, 40?  Really?  Weren’t we just 11?  There’s a lot of history there.  Best thing about this relationship?  She’s 9 months older than me.  So I have a long time before it happens to me, right?  Happy Birthday my friend, love ya.

     3   8

After all of that scheduled fun, on Sunday we were ready for some quiet Mommy, Lexi, and Sofie time.  Adrienne has a birthday this week(14, gasp) so we had some shopping to do:)  We started with lunch.


Then we headed to Michaels to use a coupon to buy Gingerbread houses(foreshadowing to a kick a** gingerbread party coming soon).  They had a craft table set up for the kids to make snowman ornaments.  Bonus in an already great day!

 7   4

Next we stopped at 5 Below.  The girls were allowed to choose one item for themselves and one for sissy’s b-day.  So many choices…


We ended with ice cream(right before dinnertime) because it was a random 70 degrees out and I had that warm, fuzzy, I love my kids feeling. 

  2  5


Hope your week is filled with planned and unplanned warm fuzzies:)

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