"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, July 14, 2012

South Korea Invades North Lake


Yep, Ty Ty Crazy Guy came to the cottage for a visit.  It will never be the same:)  He never stops moving, climbing, touching, squirming, grabbing. When you say, “No no Ty”, he looks at you with a cheesy grin, wrinkled nose, and squinty eyes.  You can’t help but laugh at him then!  We kept busy, busy, and he hung in there with the messed up schedule.  Not sure his Mama tolerated it as well though, the loss of nap time was a killer:)

As soon as they got here we headed out for a boat ride and swim.

P7104819         First boat ride!


Big sister Libby!


Sof getting some time with Miss Beth!



What a difference a year makes!  That’s Beth on the left last year.  She’s lost over 80 pounds through diet and exercise.  Amazing!


The next morning we swam again and Ty got to experience the deep water from the safety of Mom on a raft. 


Problem was he got too comfortable and fell asleep!  Unfortunately that 20 minutes was enough for him to decide he didn’t need any more nap that afternoon! 

Sof was swimming like a fish.  She does pretty good kicking and using her arms on her own, but generally needs a little nudge in the right direction!


Her big accomplishment was doing the slide over and over on her own!  She’s a pro now!

After naptime(for Sof:) we packed in the car and headed out to South Haven.  It has a nice little downtown area with shopping, candy, and ICE CREAM! 





$20 bucks is a good deal for this kid.  She’s a great babysitter and just learned to do laundry!


$32.99?  I paid a lot more then that for this one!



It says no touching.  It does not say anything about hugging!

There are several cute downtown old fashioned ice cream shops.  Of course the kids didn’t want to go to any of them.  They wanted Dairy Queen!  No complaints from me though, I LOVE Dairy Queen! 

P7114846  P7114850

Sof is determined to have a cone like her big sisters.  She did pretty good, even getting the “lick around the side” technique down!




After our ice cream we headed down to the beach.  I could not let us leave without at least checking it out!  I like the beach when you don’t have to do bathing suits.  If I was Amy I would have a big load of sand dropped in the living room.  Ty wouldn’t move on the sand!  He was happy enough touching it, but he wouldn’t walk in it.  It was his stillest time the whole visit!



  P7114864  P7114866


We ended the visit appropriately with a trip to the teacher store and lunch.  Then it was time to part ways.  South Korea came armed with an arsenal of never ending energy, the ability to throw a tantrum at any moment, and poopy diapers.  North Lake fought back with sand, sun, yummy food, and Lexi to babysit.  In the end they shook hands for battle well fought, and considered it a draw.  They are now friends and plan to visit more:)



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  2. So sad is missed the fun. Miss all of you guys so much. I know you had fun talking about me. LOL. Hugs

  3. So proud of Sof on the slide!!