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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The After Fourth

After our celebration of the fourth I said good bye to my big girl for ten days. She flew the nest and headed south for some amazing dance opportunities.


Her group is attending a national competition for the first 5 five days, and then they are off to Disney for the second 5 days. Disney offers a program that allows kids to come and dance on their stages, take classes with their cast, and see the backstage workings of their shows. We have many alumni that either dance there now or have danced there. That will be so fun for the kids, but the really exciting part? Disney contacted our studio a few weeks ago and asked if they could use us for their new promotional materials. Ummmm, YES! So, while there, our kids will be filmed, photographed, and interviewed for Disney’s Youth Program! Super exciting!




These guys have been working really hard, and now it’s time to have some fun(Adrienne just texted me to say that Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson’s producer, was there, so cool)!  I’ve been working hard at driving Adrienne around, so it’s time for me to have some fun too!

After I dropped her off at the airport I headed back to the cottage.  I had to take this bad picture with my phone because the temp said 106!


I was greeted by a house full of people which is my favorite kind of cottage night.  Pizza, beer, and babies…what more could you want?

P7064721  P7064722

  P7064727  P7064730



Grand total?  19 kids and 14 adults.  I ordered 8 large pizzas and 4 dozen breadsticks from the place in our little farm town.  The young boy that took the order could not believe what a BIG order that was.  He said it might be the biggest order he ever had.  It came to $110 and he asked if I was sure I needed all that.  Everyone pitched in for the food so when he delivered it I gave him the whole wad.  He ended up with a $25 tip.  He just about fell off my porch.  I’m pretty sure I created an urban legend!

The next 2 days were perfectly scorching lake days.  We engaged in all the usual water activities.


P7074745 P7074747

Emma and Grant both got up on the kneeboard for the first time.  It’s so awesome to see a kid conquer something like that.  It’s a big deal for a little person to jump off the boat, grab a big kneeboard, find the rope as the boat moves away from them, and then hang on for dear life while the boat rips you out of the water.  After all that they have to pull their knees up and adjust themselves in a way that allows them to keep on top of the waves that are always trying to knock them over.  Of course it doesn’t usually happen on the first time.  It takes perseverance, courage, and strength!  Sounds a little like life huh? 


Sometimes it’s easier for the kids, as illustrated by Rick(Emma and Grant’s daddy)!


My little peanut just conquered the board at the end of last summer and now she’s riding one handed like she’s an old pro!


P7084773  P7084774





Speaking of courage…Sof was afraid of swimming in the deep part of the lake at the beginning of the week.  She holds on for dear life, but yet wants to stay in the water. 


She eventually started loosening her grip, kicking her legs, and even jumping off the swim platform to someone. By the end of the weekend she was swimming out with just Lexi and even jumping herself.  The last thing to conquer was the slide.  There were several failed attempts, but finally she decided to do it with Emmy catching her!



It was a huge accomplishment!  Yay Sof!


Lexi’s new trick was the front walkover into the lake!






That sun really wipes a girl out!

We had one night that the grown ups got out on our own.  We went to a cool restaurant by our cottage called “The Grill Room”.  You pick your cut of meat and then you grill it yourself!  It’s different, yummy, and fun!




On Sunday all the people went home(even Mark), and just Lexi, Sof , and I are left.  I enjoy this time with my girls because I see them bonding together and I have more time to focus on them.  We’ve all been sleeping my room:)





Today we spent some time with Grandma Jackie.  We went to the bookstore, lunch, and then came back to the cottage for the afternoon and dinner.  It was a fun, relaxing day!


Tomorrow some of my teacher friends show up for a few fun in the sun days.  We miss having daddy here, but we’re enjoying our girl time!

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