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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Party Time

The enjoyment of the holidays comes when you get to celebrate with friends and family.  However, there is a phenomenon that tends to happen surrounding this.  If there is 4 weekends in the month and you have 4 parties to attend, they will all fall on the same weekend. Every time. 

Our Johnson-Culley Christmas happened on a Friday night.  The location changed a couple times, a couple kids missed a practice or activity, we had to drive in a snowstorm, but we made it happen.  Even if it’s once a year, we want these kids to know that it’s important enough to us to put forth the effort.

IMG_0406 Ellen planned some games so the big kids couldn’t disappear on their phones.  Truth be told, they really like to hang with us though.  Sometimes we have to remember to show them we really like to hang with them too. 

IMG_0373  The Saran wrap game started in the living room, and ended with little kids chasing the big kids around trying to get the ball of goodies back. 


Mark brought lottery tickets which yielded no good winners!  However, the big hit was dirty bingo with all Visa gift cards.  Mark and Brian decided together to purchase varying denominations.  Let’s face it, everyone is winner when $25 is least you can get, but when the 3 year old ended up with $50, the big kids were all like WTH! 


Devan’s birthday is close to the holidays, so for the second year we celebrated him as well! 


We don’t mess around lighting candles.


The kids spent the rest of the night playing with red solo cups.  Cheapest toy ever.  Next bday gift you need, go to Costco and buy the large pack of red Solo cups.


Sof found this mouth guard in the game and wore it all night.  Never played the game.


It was a great night and a kick off to a busy weekend.  The next day we had two parties. 

Melissa finished up her student teaching, so we celebrated her graduation. 


We’re so proud of the young adult she’s become.  She’s going to be an amazing teacher!


What else would we do to round out the weekend other than attend a Hanukah party? 


Liz and Scott were so sweet to include us in their party.  Complete with kid activities! 

That rounded out our party weekend, and I’m not lying when I say those were all the parties we had before Christmas and they were all on the same weekend:)

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