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Monday, March 20, 2017


I’ve always done advent calendars for the girls with candy in them, but last year I stepped it up a notch.  A few of the days had a little note with a code on it.  The kids then go to the tree and find the gift with the coordinating code.  This, as you can imagine, was a big hit and was begged for this year as well. Sof was SO excited.  SO excited in fact, that she was up SO early the morning of December 1st.


After the 1.2 seconds it took to open the gift, she had approximately 7 hours left before she needed to get ready for school(or it felt like 7 hours).  She joined me during my work out. 

IMG_0200 Then she set her toys up on the bathroom floor and said ALL the words while I got ready.  Cute right?  Maybe for one day, but mama’s ears are not ready for all that business in the AM.  


Lucky for me she was able to sleep through her excitement the rest of the days of the month!  Although don’t be fooled, these next pics are from first thing in the morning as well.  She slept in those clothes because we don’t always do details like pajamas at the Culley house.


She still loves any kind of surprise bags! I think these were Shopkins.


Big girls not pictured, but happy and reaping the rewards as well:)

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