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Monday, April 11, 2016


Soooooo, I’m finally getting back to blogging.  There was a problem with Windows Live Writer not posting to blogger anymore.  After doing 3 long posts(November, December, and Christmas) and having them sit there for 3 months, I just stopped until a solution could be found.  The good news is I’m back in action and didn’t lose the work I had already done!  The bad news is I lack a little enthusiasm when writing about things that happened so far back.  The other bad news is that when I pulled up my January photos file I noticed I don’t have very many in there.  Bottom line, they’re lost in cyber world somewhere and I have no motivation(or skill) to work at finding them.  The good news is this will be a short post and that makes me feel happy and accomplished!

Happy 2016 from the only(not very good) picture I have of the night in which we attended 3 different parties including bowling and a couple of different friends’ houses.

IMG_4219Our break was so short we didn’t do much outside of the holiday hoopla.  We did manage to meet our cheer friends for a day of play!  I just love these girls and families.    


We always have our last Christmas party in January with our friends who are family.  I have several pics of our beautiful kids from that day, but alas I can only get to one. 


This is making me sad, but then again it’s not.  This post is going so much faster without all photo choices to make.

Have I ever mentioned Sof is the WORST singer ever?  No really, I mean it.  She has zero musicality.  Which is a little weird for us because our family doesn’t have any Mozarts, but we can hold a tune.  I sang to her constantly when we first brought her home.  It was ADORABLE when she would try to sing Twinkle Twinkle.  “Upple diamond in the sky, what’s the next word?”  It is not that adorable when you are are seven and still can’t sing Twinkle Twinkle.  Nevertheless, I absolutely love when she puts the headphones on and yells the words to songs in a monotone voice sings in the car.


The girls had a big cheer competition in Indianapolis.  We had an awesome time!  Now that we know the families better, it’s more fun to travel.  We had a group of 30 at the Spaghetti Factory one night!



Winter weather came back in full swing.  Sof was lucky to have daddy take her to the bus stop one day and Uncle Rick another.




Adrienne had her first dance competition with her new studio.  We stayed in the hotel because it was a late night/early morning.  Emily and Livy came and joined us which was so fun!  The one dance they competed was amazing!!  It won everything!


Sof got this card holder for Christmas and it’s perfect!  I highly recommend it!


Learning to count money was all the rage in first grade and at our house.


Sof had good report at the eye doctor.  Her glasses are doing their job! 


My dad, Mark, and Steve went to Florida for a week of visiting friends. 



The really big news for January(and the only full set of pics I had) is that Sof got a haircut.  She wasn’t so sure about it, but I thought it was time.  It looks so much better!  I compromised and left it a bit longer than what I like, but it looks so much healthier!


Despite the lack of pictures, that pretty sums up our happenings!  Pretty uneventful start to 2016! 

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