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Monday, April 11, 2016


I had no regrets on the haircut.  I love it!  Sof is already talking about growing it out(which confuses me because she hates having it brushed) but we’ll see.


We spent quite a few February weekdays trying to find activities to kill time. Roller skating was a big hit!


Dinner out while Lexi’s in cheer is always a good pastime.  Especially if Sof’s paying. *wink*


Livy had her ballet show.  She played Little Bo Peep and had a small solo and everything!


I had a belated holiday get together with my work peeps.  I have the best colleagues ever!


Sof’s kitty surprise made the perfect white elephant gift.  Since she’s declared it creepy and doesn’t want it, I figured what adult wouldn’t be thrilled to get a pregnant cat??


Oddly enough I ended up with a gift we could really use!  A puzzle cake kit!  Lexi used it the next day!


New skill…filling up her water bottle without flooding the kitchen.  It still takes a lot of concentration though.


We like patterns.


Back at the roller rink, but this time for school night with her friends!IMG_4738IMG_4740IMG_4747

Speaking of school, this little gem came home.  I love the attention to detail with her red Target shirt.  I’m thrilled with her career choice because it means I will be seeing her a lot!


I don’t know about this cat.


We finally got some skiing in!  Our cheer friends ski, so we met them on the first day of our break.  It was my first time taking Sof by myself, but she did awesome!  She’s just that little bit taller this year, and she mostly left me in the dust to go with her friends.  The chair lifts were no problem!


I was happy to have this day of practice because two days later we headed up north to ski and visit Mike and Alison.

First things first though, Starbucks for the road.


Sof begged us to sign her up for ski school.  She loves the structure of having a teacher and other kids to hang out with.  We obliged and signed her up!



I happened to catch Lexi speeding downhill from the chairlift!


The weather looked iffy for the next day, so we waited till morning to decide what to do.  That meant it was too late to sign Sof up for ski school. Didn’t matter though, she kept up just fine with her sisters skiing through the trees!  I stuck to my green runs!  I’ve officially been surpassed by my 7 year old.

IMG_4881 Sof and Lexi had fun foolin around with the picture booth during lunch.



It was a great little get away!  I can’t believe I don’t have one picture with Mike and Alison! 

We got invited to a Euchre party at the end of the month.  I said yes despite the fact that Mark and I don’t know how to play Euchre.  A few thoughts on this.  It’s very odd that I don’t know how to play.  I grew up in a game playing family.  We played cards all the time.  My parents were in a Euchre club.  This was clearly a parenting failure oversight on their part.  Also, we’ve been around people playing Euchre in our married life, and always just sat out.  I have no idea why we haven't attempted to learn.  So, I decided it was time, and what better motivation then having a real live Euchre party on the horizon?  This dilemma led to a really fun night.  We were slated to go out to dinner with Barb and Jeff.  At the last minute Emily and Steve joined us.  We showed up at the restaurant  and were told it was a three hour wait.  I don’t actually think that’s logistically possible, but whatever, details.  We found a little corner with chairs and a table to settle in and wait.  And then, a brilliant idea was born.  Let’s play Euchre!!  So the boys ran across the street to the party store, got hosed on a $12 deck of cards, and my obsession with this game was born. 


We did eventually go to the Euchre party, and held our own quite nicely!

In one of our Sunday Skype sessions we learned of a few new girls that have come to Grace.  This little beauty is 6 year old Rahana.  From what we can tell, she is a little bit sugar and a little bit spunk:)


The kids had a blast with the cousins one afternoon at an open gym. 


She’s just so cute.


Emily bought Sof this book of Hidden Pictures at Christmas time.  All the sudden she took an interest in it, and wanted to work on it all the time!  She calls it “Hiding Pictures” and she cried when the book was finished.



We had no snow days all year, and then there was this day that SHOULD have been one.  We went to school begrudgingly, and prayed all day we would get the next day off.


One my way home from work I got a text from Jill saying, “Snow day tomorrow!!  You guys coming over to celebrate??”  Why yes Jill, yes we are.


We made the most of our day by first getting Lexi’s braces tightened, and then getting Sof’s glasses adjusted.


After that we had to do the obligatory snow day sledding!  Only sof wanted to go, so we went with Allie and met her buddy Haley from cheer!  They had a blast!


The end of the month was just confusing.  One Sunday it was 60 degrees and we were outside playing like a spring day.


The next day we were back in winter coats waiting for a snow storm.


In preparation for March is reading month, Sof’s teacher assigned each student to day to read to the class.  Sof happened to be first!  We picked a favorite Dr. Suess book, “What was I Scared Of”, and practiced with anyone who would listen.  That means Emmy was a prime target! 


She was well prepared and super excited to be the first reader of the new month!

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